How to Send File Attachments With AIM Mail or AOL Mail

Add a document to your message

What to Know

  • Select Compose > Choose files to attach. Navigate to the file and select Open.
  • The AIM Mail and AOL Mail message size limit is 25 MB.

This article explains how to send file attachments with AIM Mail or AOL Mail.

Attach a File to an Email in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

To send a file, attach the file to an email message:

  1. Select the Compose button to open a new message in AIM Mail or AOL Mail.

    Compose button in AOL Mail
  2. Select Choose files to attach (look for the paperclip icon). A File Explorer window opens.

    Choose Files to Attach button in AOL Mail
  3. Navigate to the file you want to attach. Choose the file, then select Open. The file is inserted as an attachment to the email message you are creating.

    Attachment file names cannot include special characters.

    Open button in AOL Mail
  4. To attach another file, repeat the previous two steps.

  5. Ensure your message's total size does not exceed the AIM Mail and AOL Mail message size limit of 25 MB.

  6. Continue composing your message, and when done, send it as usual.

AIM Mail and AOL Mail Message Size Limits

The 25 MB you're allowed to send per email includes the message text, email headers, and attachments. If your message exceeds this, use a file sending service.

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