How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook

Keep your email recipient list secret

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When you send an Outlook email and put all the addresses in the same To or Cc field, every recipient sees every other address. This isn't the best approach if the recipients don't know one another or you need to keep each identity unknown.

Multiple email addresses can quickly clutter up a message if there are more than just a few recipients. For example, an email sent to two people where the addresses are shown to each other is massively different from one that goes to dozens of addresses.

If you don't want to share each email address with all the recipients, build an "Undisclosed Recipients" contact so that each recipient sees that address on the email. This shows every recipient that the email was not sent solely to them and effectively hides all the other addresses from each contact.

How to Create an Undisclosed Recipients Contact

Open Outlook and then:

  1. Open Address Book, located in the Find section of the Home tab.

  2. Navigate to the File > New Entry menu item.

  3. Select New Contact from the "Select the entry type:" area.

  4. Click or tap OK to open a larger screen where you enter the contact details.

  5. Enter Undisclosed Recipients next to the Full Name text box.

  6. Enter your email address next to the E-Mail section.

  7. Click or tap Save & Close.

If you already have an existing address book entry bearing your email address, make sure Add new contact or Add this as a new contact anyway is checked in the Duplicate Contact Detected dialog, and choose Update or OK.

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook

After confirming that you've made an undisclosed recipients contact, use it:

  1. Start a new email message in Outlook.

  2. Next to the T... button, enter Undisclosed Recipients so that it auto-populates to the To field.

  3. Now use the Bcc button to insert all the addresses you want to email. If you're typing them manually, separate them with semicolons. If you don't see the Bcc button, go to Options > Bcc to enable it.

  4. Finish composing the message and then send it.