How to Send Group Emails Faster in iOS Mail

Don't waste time typing email addresses over and over

iPad with iOS Mail logo
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The typical way to send a group email in iOS is to do so from the Contacts app. However, that method, although valid, isn't technically the fastest.

A much speedier way to send group emails from your iPhone or iPad is from the Mail app itself. If you're emailing things back to back to various groups, you'll find that this technique works great.

These screenshots were taken from an iPad running iOS 13, but the text directions are relevant for older versions, too, for not only iPad but also iPhone and iPod touch.

How to Quickly Send a Group Email

After you've set up the group in the Contacts app, follow these steps to use Mail to deliver the email to the group:

  1. From the email, whether a new one or a reply/forward, select the plus sign next to the To or Cc, or Bcc field.

    New Message in Mail app for iPad
  2. Search for and select the email group you want to message.

    Group contacts from Mail app for iPad

    If you decide after adding the group to the email that you want to change how to send the message (e.g., switch to CC instead of Bcc), just tap-and-hold the group of email addresses and drag it to a different field.

  3. Compose the email as you normally would, and then send it off to all the recipients in the group.

    Email addresses in a new message in Mail for iPad

Before sending the email, you might want to check that the addresses that populate the field are correct (double-tap the group name if you don't see them all listed).