Learn to Correctly Send an Attachment With Yahoo Mail

Maximum size limit for Yahoo emails with attachments is 25MB

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Yahoo Mail lets you attach files to emails to send them to your recipients. Images, spreadsheets, or PDFs—you can attach any file to an email message you write to your Yahoo Mail account. The maximum message size limit is 25MB, which includes all the elements and text of the email and its encoding.

For large attachments—those exceeding 25MB in size—Yahoo Mail suggests using Dropbox or another large-file transfer service. You upload large files to a company's server, and it sends an email or provides a link for you to send in an email to your recipient. The recipient downloads the file directly from the transfer service website.

Send an Attachment With Yahoo Mail

To attach one or more files to a message you are composing in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the Attach File paperclip icon in the message's toolbar at the bottom of the screen

  2. Make a choice from the menu that appears. Choices include Share files from cloud providersAdd photos from recent emails, and Attach files from computer.

  3. Find and highlight all the files you want to attach to your browser's file selector dialog. You can either highlight multiple files in one dialog or use the Attach File icon repeatedly to attach more than one document.

  4. Click Choose.

  5. Compose your message and Send the email.

Send an Attachment With Yahoo Mail Basic

To attach a document from your computer to an email using Yahoo Mail Basic.

  1. Click Attach Files next to the Subject line while you compose an email in Yahoo Mail Basic.

  2. For up to five documents, click Choose File.

  3. Locate and highlight the file you want to attach.

  4. Click Choose or OK.

  5. Click Attach Files.

Send an Attachment With Yahoo Mail Classic

To send any file as an attachment with an email in Yahoo Mail Classic.

  1. While composing a message, follow the Attach Files link.

  2. Select Browse to select one file you want to attach to your computer.

  3. Click Attach Files.

  4. To add more files, select Attach More Files. Yahoo Mail Classic grabs the files from your computer and attaches them to the message you are currently composing. Additionally, every file you attach is scanned for known viruses automatically.

  5. Select Done to close the attachments window and return to the message composition page.