How to Send a Spotify Playlist

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What to Know

  • Send a playlist by clicking on the playlist in Spotify then clicking the three dots under its name > Share > Copy link to Playlist.
  • On a phone, send a link by tapping the playlist, three dots, share, and choosing how to share. 
  • Copying the link is the purist way of doing so with sharing via apps changing how the link is circulated.

This article teaches you how to send a Spotify playlist to someone via a messaging app or email, as well as any limitations involved in the process. 

How Do I Send a Playlist to Someone?

If you want to share a Spotify playlist by sending your friend a link to it, Spotify has made it quite simple to do on both the desktop app and the smartphone app. Here's how to send a playlist to someone via the Spotify desktop app.

  1. Open Spotify. 

  2. Click the playlist you wish to share.

    Spotify with a playlist highlighted
  3. Click the three dots underneath its name.

    Spotify with a playlist open and three dots highlighted
  4. Hover over Share.

    Spotify with the share dialog open on a playlist
  5. Click Copy link to playlist.

    Spotify with a playlist open and Copy link to playlist highlighted
  6. The link has now been copied to your clipboard.

  7. You can now paste the link into an email or anywhere else on your PC or Mac.

How Do I Share a Spotify Playlist From My Phone? 

If you want to share a Spotify playlist through your phone, the process is slightly different. Here's how to share a Spotify link and send them to people via your smartphone.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Tap Your Library.

  3. Scroll down to find the playlist or tap Playlists to view them.

  4. Tap the playlist you wish to share.

    Process on smartphone to select a playlist in Spotify
  5. Tap the three dots underneath its name.

  6. Tap Share.

  7. Choose how you wish to share the playlist with options for copying the link, sharing via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messages, and more. The options vary depending on the apps you have installed.

    Process to share playlist on Spotify smartphone app

    Tap the three dots to find more options on where to share to. 

What Does Clicking on a Spotify Playlist Do?

If you copy and paste a Spotify link to someone, you might wonder what it actually means for the recipient. 

By clicking the link on your desktop, the playlist opens up in a browser window with the recipient able to open it in Spotify if they want more options. Clicking the link on your smartphone automatically opens the Spotify app and begins playing it.

Who Can Receive a Spotify Playlist Link?

Anyone! While the concept is best suited to sharing it with your friends and family, copying the link means you can paste it anywhere. You could post it on a website, your Twitter account, or other open social media account, or anywhere else you can think of. 

Are There Any Limitations to Sharing via the Mobile App?

Depending on how you share your Spotify playlist via your phone, your options may vary. For instance, sharing via Twitter uses a link and an automatically created Spotify related tweet while Facebook sends an image to the Facebook app with a customized Play on Spotify button. Experiment to see what works best for you. 

Ultimately, copying and pasting the link gives you the most control over how you share the playlist. 

  • How do I send a Spotify playlist to someone who doesn't have a Spotify account?

    While you can share a Spotify playlist link with anyone, they'll need a Spotify account to listen to the playlist. Either have the recipient create a free Spotify account, or have them consider using an online converter to make the playlist playable on another service. Examples include Deezer and Grooveshark.

  • How do I send a collaborative playlist on Spotify?

    Using Spotify on the desktop, right-click any playlist you've already created and select Collaborative Playlist. Share the playlist by clicking More (three dots) > Share > Copy link to playlist, and then send the link to friends so they can contribute to the playlist. In the mobile app, tap Library, tap the playlist you want to make collaborative, tap the Add Person icon > Make collaborative, and then share the playlist.

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