How to Send a Reply and Archive With One Click in Gmail

What to Know

  • Select the Settings gear on your Gmail screen and choose See all Settings.
  • Pick the General tab. Choose the radio button next to Show "Send & Archive" button in reply to activate the feature.
  • Select Save Changes to place a Save and archive button beneath your reply and next to the Send button.

This article explains how to send a reply and archive the email with one click in Gmail by adding a "Save and archive" button on the Gmail reply screen.

How to Send a Reply and Archive With One Click in Gmail

Keyboard shortcuts are a boon for saving time, but sometimes they are unnecessary. Take the keyboard shortcut e in Gmail, for example. When you are through with an email but don't want to trash it, you click e to archive it.

This works, but you can deliver the reply and archive the conversation all with a single click, which would make your Gmail experience even more effective. To enable the Send & Archive button in Gmail:

  1. Click the Settings gear in the top right corner of your Gmail screen.

    Gmail inbox screen with Settings gear highlighted
  2. Select See all Settings.

    Gmail settings with "See All Settings" highlighted
  3. Select the General tab.

    Gmail settings with General tab highlighted
  4. In the Send and Archive section, choose the radio button next to Show "Send & Archive" button in reply to activate this feature.

    Gmail general settings with "Show send and archive button" highlighted
  5. Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

    Gmail general settings with Save Changes highlighted

Send and Archive at the Same Time

Now, to send a message and archive its conversation in one go:

  1. Compose your reply to an email you received.

  2. Click the Send and archive button located immediately beneath your reply and next to the Send button.

    Gmail reply message with "Send + Archive" button highlighted
  3. Your reply is sent, and the email is moved to a label called All Mail. If someone replies to that email, it is moved back to your inbox for your attention.

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