How to Send a Message to a Yahoo Mail Mailing List

Save time sending emails with a mail list

Mailbox Collection

Beate Meier / Flickr / CC 2.0

Whether you are organizing a big party, a high school reunion, or a work project, sending an email to a whole group of people at once is an efficient time saver. Take a couple of minutes to set up a mailing list in Yahoo Mail just for this purpose. After you set up the mailing list, you're ready to send your first group email.

Set Up a Mailing List in Yahoo Mail

Open a new mail list and add the people you want from your Contacts. Here's how:

  1. Press the Contacts icon at the top of the Yahoo Mail screen.

    Yahoo Mail inbox contacts icon
  2. Select the Lists tab at the top of the new Contacts section.

    Yahoo Mail contacts
  3. Select New List in the left panel.

    Yahoo Mail create a new list
  4. Type a name for the list.

  5. Then, start typing the name of the first contact you want to add. When it appears, press Enter on it to add it to the list. Keep going for each contact you want to add.

    Yahoo Mail add contact to list
  6. Press Save when you have all the contacts you want to add.

    Yahoo Mail list complete

Send a Message to a Yahoo Mail Mailing List

To send an email to all members of a mailing list you set up in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Start with a new message. Press Compose to create a new message.

    Yahoo Mail compose message
  2. Start typing the name of your list in the To field.

  3. A list of options will appear below the field. Select your list. All the contacts on the list will be added as recipients of your message.

    Yahoo mail add list to
  4. Compose and Send the message.

    Yahoo Mail send to mailing list

Yahoo Mail automatically replaces the list name with all the list members' email addresses and distributes the message to them. The list of individual recipients is not disclosed to others who receive the message.