How to Send a Message to a Yahoo! Mail Mailing List

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Whether you are organizing a big party or a work project, sending an email to a whole group of people at once can be very efficient. Once your mailing list is set up in Yahoo! Mail, it's time to send your first group email!

Send a Message to a Yahoo! Mail Mailing List

To send an email to all members of a mailing list you have set up in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Start with a new message. Use the New or the Compose button to create a new message.
  • Enter your own Yahoo! Mail address in the To: field.
  • Type the name of your mailing list in the Bcc: field. This is to make sure the list of recipients is not disclosed to the individual recipients.
  • Now compose and send your message.

Yahoo! Mail automatically will replace the list name with all the list members' email addresses and distribute the message to them. 

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