How to Send Plain Text Message in Outlook Mail on the Web

Use Plain Text in Webmail to Eliminate Obnoxious Formatting and Code

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This is for writing text plain and simple; so can be Outlook Mail on the Web. StockUnlimited

Windows Live Hotmail was replaced by in 2013. Learn more about and how to use its email features. You can also see how to send a message in plain text from Gmail.

Using Plain Text in Webmail

With text, richness is in the words, their meanings, relations, and associations. It is not in the shapes that make up written language. A message in plain text does not rely on fonts, colors, graphics and smilies to impact and influence. As an added benefit, you can be sure no recipient will ever complain about your sending dangerous, superfluous or obnoxious code.

Plain text emails please just about everybody, and they are easy to compose in Outlook Mail on the Web. Let us find out how.

Send a Plain Text Email from Outlook Mail on the Web

To write and send an email message that uses nothing but plain text from Outlook Mail on the Web:

  1. Start with a new message or reply (or forward) in Outlook Mail on the Web.
    • ​​The message composition screen can be open in the main Outlook Mail on the Web window or in its own browser window.
  2. ​Click the More commands button (●●●) in the message's toolbar.
  3. Select Switch to plain text from the menu that has appeared.
    • ​​If you see Switch to HTML but not Switch to plain text in the menu, your email is already set to be sent in plain text only.
  4. If you are prompted to confirm your choice:
    1. ​Click OK.

Send Plain Text Email by Default in Outlook Mail on the Web

To set up Outlook Mail on the Web so plain text editing is the default for new emails:

  1. Click the settings gear icon (⚙️) in Outlook Mail on the Web.
  2. Select Options from the menu that has appeared.
  3. Go to the Mail | Layout | Message format category.
  4. Make sure Plain text is selected under Compose messages in this format:.
  5. Click Save.

Send a Message in Plain Text from Windows Live Hotmail

To send a message that uses only pure and genuine plain text from Windows Live Hotmail:

  • If you see Rich text in the message toolbar:
    1. Click Rich text.
    2. Select Plain text from the menu that comes up.
    3. Click OK.

(Tested with Outlook Mail on the Web in desktop and mobile browsers)