How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook

And what to do if you can't send a request

What to Know

  • On a Facebook profile, select Add Friend.
  • In the Facebook search results, select the Add Friend icon.
  • In the People You May Know or Friends > Suggestions section, select Add Friend.

This article explains how to send a friend request on Facebook. We'll also explore the possible reasons you’re unable to add a friend on Facebook. We’ll walk through the steps and options for Facebook on the web and in the mobile app.

How to Add a Friend on

You may see a person you want to add as a friend in the Friends > Suggestions section or you might search for them using the Search Facebook feature.

  • If you select the person’s profile, click the blue Add Friend button.
  • If you find the person you want to add from the Facebook search results, click the gray Add Friend icon.
  • For someone you see in your Suggestions, click the blue Add Friend button.
Add Friend button to send a friend request on

Once you click the button or icon, this sends your friend request to that person. You should receive a notification when they accept your request.

View Pending Requests on the Web

If you’d like to view your pending friend requests, go to the Home tab on Then follow these steps. 

  1. Pick Friends on the left side. 

  2. Choose Friend Requests, again, on the left side. 

  3. Click View Sent Requests at the top of the Friend Requests list.

    "View sent requests" on Facebook

Add a Friend in the Facebook Mobile App

Like on the web, you can see potential friends in the People You May Know section in your Feed. You can also look for someone in particular using the Search option at the top of the Home tab.

  • If you’re viewing the person’s profile, tap the blue Add Friend button.
  • If you see the person you searched for in the results, tap the gray Add Friend icon.
  • For a someone in the People You May Know section, tap the blue Add Friend button.
The Add Friend button on Facebook mobile

When you tap the button or icon, your friend request is on its way. Check your notifications to see if your prospect accepts the request.

View Pending Requests in the Mobile App

To see your pending friend requests in the mobile app, select the Menu tab and follow these steps.

  1. Pick Friends in the Menu.

  2. You should see a list of Friend Requests sent to you. Tap See All.

    On Android you may need to tap Requests.

  3. Select the three dots on the top right.

  4. Tap View Sent Requests at the bottom.

    How to check view sent requests in the Facebook app

Why Can’t I Add a Friend on Facebook?

There are several reasons why you may not see the Add a Friend option for someone or why you cannot send a friend request on Facebook. 

  • You’ve already sent the person a friend request that they haven’t accepted yet.
  • The person you want to add deleted their Facebook account.
  • You previously blocked the person you want to add. Learn how to unblock someone on Facebook to add them as a friend.
  • You’ve been blocked from sending friend requests. Check out the Facebook Help Center for a list of reasons you may have been blocked from sending requests on Facebook.
  • You’re already Facebook friends.
  • The person you want to add may have reached their friend limit. You can have up to 5,000 Facebook friends at one time. If your desired friend has reached that limit, they will have to unfriend someone in order for you to add them.
  • You or the person you want to add may restrict sending and receiving friend requests. To view your settings, do one of the following.

Privacy Settings on the Web

  1. On, click the Account arrow on the top right and pick Settings & Privacy > Settings

  2. On the Settings page, select Privacy on the left. 

  3. On the right side, go to the How people find and contact you section. 

  4. Next to Who can send you friend requests? you may see Friends of Friends which limits who can send you requests. If you like, click Edit and choose Everyone.

    "How people find and contact you" settings on the Facebook website

Privacy Settings in the Mobile App

  1. In the Facebook app, go to the Menu tab. 

  2. Expand Settings & Privacy and choose Settings.

  3. In the Audience and Visibility section, select How People Find and Contact You

    On Android, this step is Profile settings > Profile privacy.

  4. Below Who can send you friend requests, you’ll see either Everyone or Friends of Friends. If you see Friends of Friends, tap and change it to Everyone to accept anyone’s request.

    Privacy settings in the Facebook app

While many friends are forever, some on Facebook may not be. Make sure to look at how to unfriend someone on Facebook if you change your mind after adding a friend.

  • How do I unblock a friend on Facebook?

    The command to unblock a friend on Facebook is in your settings. On the website, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner > Settings & Privacy > Settings. Choose Privacy > Blocking in the left menu, and then click Unblock next to the person's name. In the app, go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Profile settings and then tap Blocking under Privacy.

  • Why can't I find someone on Facebook?

    If a person you're looking for isn't appearing in the search results, they've probably adjusted their privacy settings to remain invisible. You'll only be able to find their profile with a direct link.

  • How do I cancel a friend request on Facebook?

    You can cancel a request from the recipient's profile page. When you open it, the Add as Friend will be replaced with a Cancel Request button.

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