Send 123Greetings eCards on Facebook

Greeting card on a table reading Congrats

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With over 20,000 free ecards to choose from 123Greetings eCards will make you, and the Facebook friends you send their eCards to, very happy. There are eCards on 123Greetings eCards for over 3,000 events, holidays, and other things. With so many eCards, you're bound to find one you want to send to one of your Facebook friends.

When you add the 123 Greetings eCards application to your Facebook profile you'll also be able to see what eCards your friends are sending. Then you can rank the eCards that 123 Greetings eCards offer and see which ones other people like best. Best of all, they're all free and you can send as many eCards as you want.

Add 123Greetings eCards App

  1. To get 123 Greetings eCards added to your Facebook profile you'll need to first go to the application page on Facebook.

  2. Then click on the button that says Click Here To See 123Greetings eCards.

  3. On the next page click the button labeled Add 123Greetings Cards.

Choose a 123Greetings eCard

  • Upcoming holidays and special events are listed first. This way you can choose to send egreetings for events in the near future.
  • There are ecards for most every holiday and also special days, and even special days you may never have even heard of.
  • If you're looking for something other than an upcoming holiday, such as a birthday ecard or a thank you note, there's a menu at the top of the page that you can choose from too.

Sending a 123 Greetings eCard

  1. Just click on the ecard of your choice and wait for the card to load.

  2. Click Play to see and hear the greeting. Make sure this is the one you want to send before you send it.

  3. Scroll down to the box labeled Type Your Message. You have 300 characters to add a message to your ecard. You'll see the message show up in the box above where you're typing.

  4. Decide whether you want every one of your Facebook friends to be able to see the ecard you're sending to your friend or if you only want that friend to see it and no one else.

  5. Scroll down a bit more. Choose which friend or friends you want to send the ecard to. You can send your 123Greetings eCard to as many or as few of your Facebook friends as you want.

  6. Click Send This Card Now. That's it, you've just sent your friend a 123 Greetings eCard.

Other Features of the 123Greetings eCard App

  • Add ecards you like to your Favorites. Then you can see them later or send them to someone else. If you really like them you may want to share them again later.
  • See who has sent you a 123Greetings eCard.
  • Keep track of the 123Greetings eCards that you have sent to others. That way you don't send the same one to the same person twice.
  • Invite your friends to add 123Greetings eCards to their Facebook profile. That way they can start sending you ecards!