How to Sell Your Old Android Smartphone or Tablet

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What to Do With the Old Device?

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Got a new smartphone or looking to upgrade? Or need to replace your tablet?  Don't just throw your old device in a drawer and leave it to collect dust. Get some value out of it. There are tons of ways to easily offload your old electronics in exchange for cash, credit, or even gift cards. Don't want to sell? There are many other ways to get rid of your old smartphone or tablet such as donating it to charity. Or you can repurpose your old Android device. But if you do want to make some money or trade-in your old device for a new one, read on.

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Prepare Your Old Device

Before you do anything, you need to remove all personal information from your device. Hopefully, you already backup your pictures, contacts, and other data regularly. If not, go into settings, backup & reset, and turn on "back up my data." Be sure to back up your memory card as well, if you have one, and then remove it from the phone. Next, do a factory data reset, which will return your device to its original state. Once that's done, remove your SIM card, since that also contains personal data. Backing up your phone also means you can easily move that data to your new device.

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Do Your Research

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After you've wiped your device clean, start researching how much it will sell for. Visit a few retail sites, such as Amazon and eBay and see how much your device is listed. Be sure to factor in shipping costs as well. If you're selling a smartphone, be sure to note the carrier. The aptly named What's My Phone Worth app is also a good resource.

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Choose Your Site

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Now that you have a price in mind, choose a site to list your device. Some options include Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and Gazelle. And there are many more options. Most also have companion apps so you can set up your listing and track it right from your smartphone. While Craigslist doesn't produce its own app, some third party developers have created their own, easy to use and attractive apps, such as Mokriya.

Pay attention to fees. Craigslist is free, but you have to deliver the product directly to the seller and scams abound, so be careful. Most other sites, such as eBay, charge a fee to list or sell your product, so you need to factor that in too. It may be worth it for the convenience, though, since you can easily take payments through PayPal or Google Wallet. Offering free shipping will make your listing more appealing, but will chip away at your profit. It's also worth looking into Facebook and community groups where you can sell or trade used products. 



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Try An App

There are also many apps that help you sell your stuff to local buyers, such as Carousell, LetGo, and OfferUp. Most are free to list and you don't have to worry about shipping costs. Plus, you can use your smartphone or tablet to take pictures of the old device and upload them easily to your preferred app. On the other hand, setting up a meeting with a stranger, who may not show up, isn't quite as convenient as dropping an envelope in the mailbox. It all comes down to preference. A few of these apps do offer a delivery option too.

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Consider a Trade-In

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Alternatively, you can trade in your old device. Amazon has a program where you can trade old products for gift cards. Most wireless carriers offer some sort of trade-in program as well, where you can get a discount on a new smartphone or a credit to use at a later date.

No matter what you choose, it's always good to give your old device a new home, rather than sending it to the landfill, or letting it languish in the back of a drawer. Happy selling!