Where to Sell Your Used iPhone, iPad, or iPod

These companies let you sell or trade in your iPod or iPhone

You can sell your iPod touch, iPhone, or older iPod device for cash at several places. They'll give you money for your used or broken device, which you can then use for anything, often on the same website or elsewhere.

Selling an iPhone or another device isn't just a method for making some extra cash on the side; it's also a great idea if you plan to upgrade to something newer. For example, instead of purchasing a brand-new phone and keeping your old one, trade in your iPhone for cash that you can then use to purchase a new phone. The same is true for iPod touch and other devices.

You could always try websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook to sell your electronics, but then you're forced to wait for a buyer. The websites below are the best places to sell your iPod or iPhone for real money because the company purchases the device from you and you get paid directly from them, usually rather quickly.

While there are lots of trade-in sites for electronics, they don't all work the same. One might give you more money than any other or offer more value in store credit than cash, and a few might not even accept your specific iPhone or iPod. Be sure to read each company's terms before accepting the trade.


Amazon Trade-In buys all kinds of used electronics at competitive prices. You can sell iPhones, iPads, and other gadgets in exchange for an Amazon gift card.

To trade in your iPhone or iPod, first find out what the Amazon Trade-In program will take for it. Visit the Amazon Trade-In site and search for your device. You'll be asked various questions about it.

iPhone value through Amazon Trade-In

Be honest when answering these questions, because if they're found to be incorrect when Amazon receives your iPhone or iPod, they might not give you the money they quoted you.

Before you finish this trade-in, you're asked what you want Amazon to do if they find the iPhone or iPod to be of lesser value than how you described it. They can send the device back to you (for free) or you can automatically accept the lower price.

Amazon covers the shipping, so all you do is print a prepaid shipping label and put it on a box with your device inside. You'll get the shipping label in an email or you can download it from the final confirmation page.

Amazon.com trade-in program confirmation page

If your trade-in works out and you get money for your iPod or iPhone, you'll have to use the credit on Amazon.com. If you don't use Amazon often, shop around before trading in your device to make sure there's something you like that you can use your credit to purchase.


The Apple iPhone trade-in program is called Apple Trade In, and it works for smartphones, tablets, computers, and smartwatches. Other Apple devices like iPods are only available for recycle (you won't get paid).

Find your device from the list of acceptable trade-ins and answer some questions about it. If you're selling an iPhone back to Apple, for example, you'll be asked which model you have and if it's in good condition.

Which model question on the Apple trade-in program for an iPhone

You'll immediately be told its trade-in value and have the option to trade it in for a gift card.

iPhone value from Apple Trade In

After you fill out a few personal details, a free shipping label is emailed to you directly from Apple that you'll need to print and attach to the box your device is in. You'll get paid for your iPhone or other Apple device once they receive it and can confirm that your answers to the online questions were correct.

Apple Trade In works in Apple stores, too, so if you visit a store to purchase a new device, you can ask about trading in your old one while you're there. However, to make sure you're getting the best price for your device, spend a few minutes getting quotes from other trade-in sites first.

Best Buy

Another retail giant with a trade-in program for iPods and iPhones is Best Buy. Visit the Best Buy Trade-In page to browse or search for the device you want to trade in for cash.

Provide the condition of the device and answer any related questions—like whether you've disabled security features, how large the internal storage is, and if your device supports Wi-Fi—and you'll get an instant quote right there on the page.

To accept the offer, choose Add To Your Basket and decide whether you want to trade it in at the store or mail it in.

Best Buy trade-in questions for an iPod touch 5th generation

The estimate you see for the store trade-in is valid for one week. You can take it to Best Buy and give them your number and email address for them to pull up the trade-in value you were quoted.

In-store Best Buy trade-ins provide a Best Buy gift card, and online ones email an E-Gift Card.


Leading video game retailer GameStop has a trade-in program for not only video games but also Apple devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You'll get your quote with just one question, but you can't trade in your device online.

Visit the GameStop trade offers and values page, and select Electronics to search for your device. Pick from three conditions—Working, Damaged, or Dead—and you'll see the trade-in value adjust appropriately.

GameStop trade offers and values page for an iPhone 5C

Make a user account at GameStop to save your trade-in value, then print it and take it to a GameStop store to have an employee assess the value there and offer you cash for your device.


One of the leading sites of its kind, Gazelle buys all kinds of used electronics—from cellphones to iPods—based on their condition, the packaging and accessories they include, and more.

Prices paid for iPods and iPhones are among the highest. Gazelle also offers a 30-day price lock option: agree to sell your iPhone now and you have 30 days to complete the transaction. This allows you to lock in the higher price for a phone before the new models are announced and reduce the value of previous generations.

Before you trade in your iPhone or other device, you need to answer a few questions—like most electronics-for-cash services. When trading in an iPhone, for example, you might be asked which carrier it was used with, the storage capacity, whether it powers on, if there are any scratches, and if the screen lights up normally.

Gazelle iPhone X trade-in value

Gazelle also has a loyalty program called Gazelle Rewards that you can sign up for to get one point for each dollar your device is worth when you sell your items through Gazelle. You can redeem the points the next time you sell something.


The other major site in the market, NextWorth, makes it easy to sell a used device. Like Gazelle, it offers a price-lock option so you can secure a higher price before new models come out. Shipping is free and payment options include gift cards, PayPal, and check.

However, NextWorth's list of supported devices you can sell is relatively short. It only supports smartphones, tablets, and wearables from Apple (you can't sell iPods here). Beyond those restrictions, not all iPhones are supported.

However, if you want a second option to make sure you're getting the most from your iPhone trade-in, NextWorth is there.

Unlike most of these Apple product trade-in services, this one asks quite a few questions. When you're finished supplying answers, you'll need to provide the IMEI number if you're selling an iPhone.

NextWorth iPhone XR trade-in value questions


Apple reseller PowerMax buys used iPads, iPhones, and iPods (as well as used Macs). Unlike other sites, you have to call them and share the details of the device you want to sell in order to get a quote, rather than getting a quote live on the website. Payment options include check and store credit.

PowerMax trade-in page


If you have a working or broken iPhone, iPad, Apple laptop, Apple TV, or Apple Watch, Roostr could be an option for you to get some money for your unused products.

Visit the site and let them know what kind of device you have. Then, answer a few questions about its details and condition to get a quote. If you accept the trade-in value quote, you'll get a prepaid FedEx label to apply to a box that you supply to send your device.

GoRoostr iPhone trade-in questions

You have 10 days to send it off, and you get paid one day after they review it, via PayPal or check (your choice).

Simply Mac

Simply Mac is another Apple reseller who will take your iPhone, Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch and convert it to store credit. This means that the money you get for your electronics must be spent at Simply Mac.

One way Simply Mac differs from other trade-in services is that there are tons of brands you can choose from, so you can use it for non-Apple devices, too.

However, even if you're selling an iPhone, for example, you can select from old devices such as the iPhone 3GS, plus newer ones. Several carrier options are available, too—beyond the popular ones are others like Cricket.

Simply Mac trade-in value for an iPhone 7

You'll need to know the IMEI, MEID, ESN, or serial number for the devices you sell to Simply Mac.

Small Dog Electronics

Small Dog Electronics is a long-time Apple reseller that buys iPods, iPads, and Macs (but not iPhones). If you have one of those devices to sell, you can either ship it to them or take it into a Small Dog store.

Their Trade-In Request Calculator is easy to use: enter the product and a price appears.

Small Dog iPod touch trade-in value

If you ship it, you'll do so with an estimated price, but will get a final price once Small Dog receives and inspects it.


uSell offers an interesting twist to the online iPhone trade-in business. Instead of offering to buy your used device directly, its search engine combs the offerings from a variety of services to provide you the best offer from that network of sites.

USell iPhone trade-in value

The network doesn't seem to include major sites like Gazelle, though, so the offers can sometimes be lower than you'd receive elsewhere. Still, searching a network of sites from one place may be useful for you, and they also include themselves.

uSell sends you a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping kit, and your trade-in value is valid for 30 days. You get paid for your iPhone or iPod (or other device) with check or PayPal. Bulk trade-ins are accepted, too.


The Walmart electronics buy-back program, called Gadget to Gift Cards, is similar to Apple's. If you're selling an iPhone, you'll receive a Walmart eGift Card that you can apply to the purchase of something else, such as a newer iPhone.

iPhone trade-in value at Walmart's Gadget to Gift Cards

The program also buys back other kinds of electronics. There are four categories you can pick from: cellphones, tablets, game consoles, and voice speakers.

To trade in your iPhone or other product to Walmart, follow the onscreen steps to print the free FedEx shipping label, and attach it to the box with your item inside. You can drop it off at any FedEx location.


YouRenew offers the same basic service that other companies on this list do: search for your device, describe its content, and get an estimated value. You get paid by check.

YouRenew iPhone 8 trade-in value

If you accept the trade-in value for your iPhone, iPod, or other device, print a prepaid shipping label and send it in to get paid. Devices that don't have cash value can be sent to YouRenew for recycling. 

Its sibling business, CorporateRenew, allows businesses to resell or recycle their devices in bulk.

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