How to Sell Used Stereos Online

Make some money and free up some space

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Stereo components change quickly and the receiver you bought a few years ago may be out of date, replaced by a newer model with better features. So, what do you do with used stereo components or speakers? One idea is to sell them online on eBay, Craigslist or, if it is a collector's item, on a vintage or classic audio website. It’s a good way to earn some extra cash or help pay for newer components. Here are some tips for selling your used stereos online.

Selling Used Stereos on eBay

Be prepared to answer questions promptly from interested buyers about the product and its condition. Once the auction is over and the highest bidder has won the item, send an invoice to the buyer for the full amount of the sale including shipping and handling costs. Once payment is received, ship the item to the buyer as promptly as possible.

Selling Used Stereos on Craigslist

Craigslist may be a better option for selling large or heavy items. Craigslist is an online classified service and it’s local so shipping costs are not a concern.

You may choose to include your phone number with the listing or buyers can contact you by email – the choice is up to you.

Additional Online Sites

There are several online sites that specialize in used or vintage audio components. They are a good source of information about the value of your used stereo and you may find a component you've been looking for. Some also offer owner’s manuals, service, accessories and other information about vintage stereo components. Sites to check out include Classic Audio, Oak Tree Enterprises, and Audio Classics.