Signs You Could Sell Your Blog and Make Money

It's hard to sell your blog if it's missing these 10 things

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If you want to sell your blog now or in the future and make some money doing it, then you need to make sure that your blog has all of the components that prospective buyers will be looking for. Review the list below and make sure your blog includes each of the elements described or your chances of selling your blog will be very limited.

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Content Archives

A blog with few posts and little content is very difficult to sell because there is undoubtedly limited traffic to it and limited earnings potential. A buyer would need to invest time in building the archives to increase ad revenue. Therefore, you need to bulk up your blog archives before you can expect to sell it and make money doing so.

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Much of the revenue a potential buyer can expect to make from your blog is based on the amount of traffic it gets each day. If your blog gets very little traffic, there is little value to a buyer in terms of making money or connecting with a desirable audience.

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If your blog is filled with spam, has very few incoming links (particularly from high-quality blogs and websites), or has a low Google page rank, then it will be hard to sell. Work on increasing your blog's authority and the price you can sell it for will rise, too.

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Desirable Audience

Even a small blog with low traffic can be sold for a profit if the audience that visits that blog is highly desirable. A niche blog that focuses on a highly targeted audience could be exactly what some website buyers want. Of course, the same thing applies to bigger blogs with higher traffic levels. If the audience of a bigger blog is undesirable, it will be harder to sell that blog.

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Active Audience

A highly engaged audience that actively comments on your blog posts and shares your posts with their own audiences can turn even a smaller blog into a site that people will want to buy. By spending time building your community, your blog experiences increased loyalty and increased word-of-mouth marketing. In time, traffic to your blog will grow organically, and that's something that website buyers will pay for.

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Quality Design

If your blog design is terrible, your chances of selling it are significantly reduced. That's because prospective buyers will visit your website, and their first impression can make or break the deal. At the very least, a poor design will reduce the amount of money you can charge for your blog. Use the Blog Design Checklist to make sure your blog design is good before you put your blog on the market.

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A blog that is already generating revenues each month is significantly more attractive to prospective buyers than a blog that makes little or no money each month. Spend time monetizing your blog, so when you're ready to sell it, you can provide proof of its monthly earnings.

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Social Media Presence

If you have a Facebook Page, Twitter profile, Pinterest profile, and other social media profiles for your blog, and those profiles have followings, the value of your blog goes up. Those profiles represent more ways that a buyer can engage with your audience, extend their reach, and make money.

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Transferable Assets

If you can't transfer all assets related to your blog to a buyer, then it will be hard to sell your blog. These assets include your domain name, social media profiles, content, images, files, email addresses, and so on. Be sure to set up your blog and all related accounts so you can hand them over to a buyer.

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No Legal Problems

If your blog violates trademark laws, copyright laws related to the disclosure of material connections, or any other laws that affect bloggers, then you'll have a hard time selling your blog. Make sure your blog is completely compliant with all laws, and you'll be in a much better position to sell it.