How to Select Multiple Messages or a Range in Yahoo! Mail

Screenshot of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo, Inc.

Yahoo! Mail makes it easy to act on (read, mark as read, delete, report as spam) more than one message in one go and offers more than one way to select multiple emails.

Select Multiple Messages in Yahoo! Mail

To select more than one email in Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Classic for an action such as moving, flagging or marking as spam:

  • Check the boxes next to all the messages you want to select.
  • You can also click the message senders (in the From column) while holding down the Ctrl (Windows, Linux) or Command (Mac) key.

The second option does not work in Yahoo! Mail Classic.

Select a Range of Messages

To select consecutive emails in a Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Classic folder:

  1. Check the box in front of the first message in the range.
  2. Hold down the Shift key.
  3. Check the box for the last message in the range.

Select All Messages or No Message

To toggle between selecting all messages and selecting none in Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Click the checkbox in the checkbox column header.

This selects all messages in the folder in Yahoo! Mail, but only the messages visible on the current page in Yahoo! Mail Classic.