How to Select More Than One Slide in PowerPoint

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In PowerPoint, there are three options when you want to select a group of slides to apply formatting, such as an animation effect or a slide transition to all of them. To select a group, use either the Slide Sorter or use the Slides Pane at the left of the screen. Toggle between these two views using the icons on the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint for Office 365, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, and PowerPoint 2013.

Select All Slides

How you select all slides differs slightly depending on whether you are using the Slide Sorter or the Slides Pane.

  • Use the Slide Sorter: Select View > Slide Sorter. The first slide in the deck is selected. To select all of the slides in the presentation, press Shift and select the last slide.

  • Use Normal view: Select View > Normal. In the Slides Pane, select the first slide, press Shift, and select the last slide to select all the slides in the presentation.

Select a Group of Consecutive Slides

  1. Select the first slide in the group of slides that you want.

    Slide Sorter view
  2. Hold the Shift key and select the last slide you want to include in the group. This includes the first slide and the last slide you selected as well as all of the slides in between the two.

You can also select consecutive slides by dragging across the slides you want to select.

Select Non-Consecutive Slides

  1. Select the first slide in the group you want. It doesn't have to be the first slide of the presentation.

    Select non-consecutive slides
  2. Hold the Ctrl key (Command key on a Mac) while you select each specific slide that you want. Slides can be chosen in random order.

Slide Sorter View

Use the Slide Sorter view to rearrange, delete, or duplicate your slides. You can also see any hidden slides.

  • Move a slide: Drag the slide from one position to another.

  • Delete a slide: Select the slide and press Delete.

  • Copy a slide: Select the slide and press Ctrl+C, or select Home > Copy.

  • Paste a copied slide: Select the desired insertion point and press Ctrl+V, or select Home > Paste.

  • Adjust the timing: Select the slides, go to Transitions, and change the time in the Duration text box.

  • Control transition effects: Select the slides, go to Transitions, and select Effect Options.