How to Select the Images That Appear in a Photos Memory in iOS 15

Pick out your favorites (or not)

What to Know

  • Tap Photos > For You > Memories > Photo > Ellipsis > Manage Photos to choose which photos are chosen for your memories. 
  • Find memories by tapping Photos > For You > See All.
  • Disable memory notifications by tapping Settings > Notifications > Photos > Customize Notifications > Toggle Memories off.

This article teaches you to select the images you want to appear in a Photos memory in iOS 15. It also looks at how to edit the featured photos, find new memories, and disable memory notifications.

How Do You Rearrange Photos on iPhone Memory?

iOS 15 has made the iPhone Photos memory feature much more powerful, so you can rearrange your photos and adjust other things to do with them. Here's how to rearrange them and select the images that appear in your memories.

  1. Tap Photos.

  2. Tap For You.

  3. Tap one of your memories.

  4. Tap a photo.

  5. Tap the circular ellipsis icon.

  6. Tap Manage Photos.

    Steps required to manage photos shown in a Memory on iOS 15
  7. Tick or untick the photos you wish to use or not use in your photo memories.

How Do I Find Memory in Photos?

If you want to find memories that Photos has created for you, it's straightforward to find the different options. Here's where to look.

  1. Tap Photos.

  2. Tap For You.

  3. Tap See All next to Memories.

    Steps required to view all memories within Photos on iOS 15
  4.  Scroll through the memories that iOS 15 has created for you.

  5. Tap on any of them to play a collage of them with appropriate music included.

How Do You Edit Featured Photos on iPhone?

iOS 15 picks out photos it feels you'd want as your featured memories, but you might disagree. Here's how to remove them from the list, so you don't have to see them.

  1. Tap Photos.

  2. Tap For You.

  3. Scroll down to Featured Photos.

  4. Long-press a photo till the menu pops up.

  5. Tap Remove from Featured Photos to remove the photo from your featured photos.

    For you > select photo > Remove from Featured Photos in iOS 15

How Do I Tweak the Photo Memories?

If you want to change the music or the filter used with your photo memories, it's quite simple to do once you know where to look. Here's what to do.

You'll need to do this for each memory, with Apple Music subscribers gaining more options for music choices. 

  1. Tap Photos.

  2. Tap For You.

  3. Tap the memory you wish to edit.

  4. Tap a photo.

    Photos > For you > Memory in iOS 15
  5. Tap the icon to the right to change the filter used for the photos or the icon on the left to change music choices.

Why Do Memories Pop up on iPhone?

iOS is set up to offer you memories that it's created of your photos, collecting themes that seem like they'd be appealing to users. If you feel uncomfortable about this, it's possible to disable the setting. Here's how to do so.

The memories will still be created by iOS 15 and viewable in Photos, but you won't get a notification when one is made available. 

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap Notifications.

  3. Tap Photos.

    Settings > Notifications > Photos to hide memory notifications on iOS 15
  4. Tap Customize Notifications.

  5. Tap Memories to toggle it off.

    Customize notifications > Memories in iOS 15
  • How do you select a frame from a live photo in iOS?

    To choose a still frame from a Live photo on your iPhone, open Photos and pick a live photo to edit. Next, tap Edit, slide the white box to pick a frame, and tap Make Key Photo > Done.

  • How do I manage photo memory on iOS?

    If your device's storage is full, you can free up space by managing your photo and video storage by storing them on iCloud. Tap Settings > your name > iCloud > Photos. Turn on iCloud Photos and select Optimize iPhone Storage.

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