How to Select All Messages in a Yahoo Mail Folder

Basic vs. full-featured Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo Mail comes in two versions: full-featured Yahoo Mail and Basic Mail. Yahoo recommends using the full-featured version, but if you prefer a simpler interface, you may have selected Basic in your preferences. You can check and act on all messages in a Yahoo Mail folder quickly in full-featured Yahoo Mail but not in Basic Mail.

Select All Messages in a Full-Featured Yahoo Mail Folder

To highlight all of a folder's messages for deletion or any other action in full-featured Yahoo Mail:

  1. Open the folder in which you want to select all emails.

  2. Use the arrow in front of the Yahoo search field to select Search In. Verify the folder you are working with is listed under Search In. If not, use the arrow in the search field to select it.

  3. Click the Search Mail button.

  4. Now click the Select or deselect all messages checkbox in the search results header to place a check mark in each of the boxes next to the emails. You can also press Ctrl-A in Windows and Linux or Command-A on a Mac to select all the emails.

You can also check all messages using the folder view, but it usually takes longer:

  1. Open the folder whose messages you want to select.

  2. Wait until all the emails in the folder have loaded.

  3. Scroll to the bottom—repeatedly, if necessary—to load more messages.

  4. Click the Select or deselect all messages checkbox in the message list header. You can also press Ctrl-A in Windows and Linux or Command-A on Mac to select all.

Now, apply the desired action to all the checked messages.

How to Delete a Folder's Messages in Yahoo Mail Basic

Basic Mail is a simplified version of Yahoo Mail. You may be automatically switched to Basic Mail depending on your preferences, or you can switch to Basic Mail on your own. While you are in Basic Mail, you cannot select all the messages in a folder. You can only use Select All to check all messages on the current page of a folder.

Note that all emails from the folder that are not visible on the current page are not selected. To highlight and act on all messages simultaneously, switch to full-featured Yahoo Mail and use the steps above. 

How to Switch to Full-Featured Yahoo Mail

If you are in the Basic Mail format, you can switch to full-featured Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail at the top of the screen.

  2. Clear your browser's cache.

  3. Restart your browser and go to Yahoo Mail.

How to Switch to Basic Yahoo Mail

To return to Basic Mail:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on Viewing email at the left side of the window that opens.

  4. In the Mail Version section, click the radio button next to Basic.