How to Select All Messages in Multiple Gmail Screens

Save time with the Save All feature

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Gmail typically displays 25 conversations or messages per page. That's useful—particularly if you have thousands of messages—because loading them all for display would be slow and bothersome.

But what if you search for and locate 129 emails exchanged with a specific person and want to label or delete them all at once? You certainly don't want to select 25 at a time and then apply the label six times, screenful by screenful.

This is where Gmail's Select All feature comes in handy.

When a Gmail Search, Mailbox, or Label Contains More Messages Than You can View

Fortunately, Gmail offers a faster and easier way to select all conversations in the current label, search, or collection so you can act on them swiftly. You don't have to load each screen of the results one after another.

Select All Messages in a Gmail Label, Search, or Mailbox

If you see only 25 messages but the current Gmail view contains 439, here's how you act on all of them at the same time without loading each screen.  

  1. Perform a search, select a label, or choose a mailbox in Gmail.
  2. In the resulting screen, click the master checkbox that appears in the toolbar above the check boxes for each individual conversation or email. You can also click the down arrow next to that master checkbox and select All from the menu to select the emails you can see on screen.
  1. Above the selected emails, a message appears that confirms you have selected all the conversations or email on the page. Next to that is a phrase that says Select all [a number] conversations in [name]? The number that appears in the phrase is the number of conversations or emails (in addition to the 25 you just selected) that were found in the search, mailbox, or label.
  1. Click Select all [a number] conversations in [mailbox name] to select all the results in the screens that have not been loaded.
  2. Choose the desired action from the toolbar or the More drop-down menu. You may choose to apply a label, archive all the messages, or delete them. You can move the entire selection to another folder or perform any of the actions located under the More tab on the toolbar. The action you take is applied to all the selected emails including the ones you cannot see.
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