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When you want to delete messages in bulk, mark several messages as read, archive a folder of emails, or send a group of messages to the junk folder, you can select multiple or all emails in a mailbox folder. To select a group of messages in Outlook on the web, use the Select All option.

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How to Select All Email Messages at Once

To select a group of messages:

  1. Go to the folder that contains the emails you want to select.

    Viewing the inbox.
  2. Choose Select All (the light grey circle with a checkmark in it above the message list).

    Viewing the select all button in
  3. Every email message in the folder is selected, and a checkmark appears next to each message.

    All emails are selected in inbox.
  4. To deselect a message, clear the checkmark next to the message that you don't want to include in the group.

    All emails except for one is selected in inbox in
  5. Do what you want to the selected emails—delete, archive, move to a different folder, or mark as read or unread—just as you would for a single email. Your action will apply to all checkmarked emails.

For even more flexible sorting and selecting, use a dedicated email client. For example, if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can back up your email information for safe keeping.

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