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Easily Delete Every Email or Mark All Messages as Read

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Do you have a folder full of emails that you want to delete? How about a whole list of emails that should be marked as reading or unread? Outlook Mail makes it really easy to select a bunch of emails at once from any folder of your choice.

Outlook doesn't show you every single message on one page. Instead, you have to click through each new page to see more emails. However, you don't have to manually select every email you want to remove because just a couple buttons let highlight all of them.

Note: is where you go to access your Microsoft-related email accounts, including Windows Live Hotmail.

How to Select All Email Messages at Once

Do this to select every email in a folder, including those not visible on the current page:

  1. Go into the folder that has the emails you want to manipulate.
  2. Hover your mouse just left of the title of the folder. For instance, if in the Deleted Items folder, put your mouse just to the left of the word "Deleted."
  3. A small box will appear. Click it to immediately highlight all the messages in that folder.
  4. Click Select everything to make sure all of the emails in that folder is selected.
  5. Before continuing, remember that you can uncheck individual emails from within the total selection to avoid deleting those specific ones.
  6. When ready to apply an action to all the selected and highlighted emails, choose an appropriate button from the menu above the messages.

    For example, Delete will remove the selected emails and choose the More Commands button (the one with three horizontal dots) will let you mark the emails as reading or unread, as well as ignore or stop ignoring them.

    Tip: For even more flexible sorting and selecting, you might consider using a dedicated email client. For example, if you're using Microsoft Outlook, you can easily backup your email information for safe keeping.

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