How to See Your Spotify Stats

Get a recap of your year with Spotify Wrapped and other tools

What to Know

  • In the Spotify app or on a computer, open Settings, go to your profile, and select See All to view your stats.
  • Use the mobile app to connect to your Spotify account and reveal deeper stats and insights.
  • Use a third-party website to generate more stats or get a humorous take on your musical tastes.

This article explains several ways to view your Spotify stats: View recent tracks in your profile, look at year-long trends with Spotify's yearly personalized playlists, or use a third-party app or website.

How to See Your Spotify Stats on PC, Mac, and Web

One of Spotify's best features is its ability to track the music you play over time and provide insight into your habits. This helps you find your favorite tracks and tells you how your tastes change over time.

The Spotify app on PC, Mac, and the web interface provides the most details on your recent Spotify habits. You can view your top artists, songs, and a list of your Spotify playlists by following these steps:

  1. Tap your user profile name in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

    Account icon in Spotify
  2. Select Profile from the drop-down menu.

    Profile highlighted in Spotify user menu
  3. You can browse your frequently played artists, songs, and a list of your playlists. Tap See All under any category to expand the list of artists, songs, or playlists shown.

    See All highlighted on Spotify Profile page

How to See Your Spotify Stats on Mobile

You can find up-to-date Spotify stats in the mobile app, as well, but the information is limited to frequently played artists and playlists.

  1. Tap the Settings icon (which looks like a gear).

  2. Select View Profile underneath your user icon.

  3. You can browse your recently played artists and a list of your playlists. Select Your Library > choose Artists, Albums, Podcasts & Shows to display.

How to Find More Stats With for Spotify

While viewing your Spotify top albums, artists, songs, and playlists is a great start, you may want to delve deeper into your Spotify stats. A mobile app called for Spotify (formerly called Spotistats for Spotify) can help you get a better understanding of your Spotify habits, including when you listen, how long you listen, your top genres, and much more. for Spotify even lets you view stats by the month, year, over your entire membership, with a custom date range, and more.

Here's how to get started with for Spotify.

  1. Download for Spotify from the App Store (iOS), or get the Android for Spotify version from the Google Play Store.

  2. Tap Log in > Continue.

  3. Enter your Spotify account information and tap Log in. for Spotify app with Log In, Continue, and Log In highlighted
  4. Tap Agree to agree to give the app permission to access your Spotify account.

  5. On the Overview tab, view some basic statistics, including your top artists, playlists, and activity.

  6. Tap Top to see even more stats, including the top tracks, artists, and albums you've listened to over four weeks, six months, or a lifetime, for Spotify app with Agree, Overview, and Top highlighted
  7. Tap Stats to see your top genres, usage percentages, and more.

  8. For additional stats, you'll need to upgrade to Plus ($3.99). The app will instruct you on importing your Spotify history. Then, you'll be able to view your total number of streams, minutes, streamed, your full streaming history, and more. for Spotify app with Stats and Import info highlighted

View Spotify Stats With the Stats for Spotify Website

You can also link your Spotify account with a third-party stats website to view more detailed information. One of the most popular third-party Spotify web stats tools is the Stats for Spotify website. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Stats for Spotify website and select Login with Spotify.

    Stats for Spotify website with Login with Spotify highlighted
  2. Select Agree to allow the site to access your Spotify data.

    Agree highlighted in Stats for Spotify website
  3. Select Top Tracks, Top Artists, or Top Genres to view more detailed information for these categories.

    Stats for Spotify options highlighted

    Create a personal playlist from tracks on your charts and listen to it in Spotify.

Other Third-Party Spotify Stats Tools

You can explore your Spotify stats in some unique ways with these Spotify stats tools:

  • Obscurify: The Obscurify website gives you insight into how obscure your musical tastes are compared to other users.
  • Receiptify: The Receiptify website and app is a top-track generator that lets you view your top tracks in the form of a receipt.
  • Zodiac Affinity: The Zodiac Affinity website reveals if your song choices resonate with your astrological sign.
  • How Bad Is Your Streaming Music? The How Bad Is Your Streaming Music website gives a humorous take on your musical tastes and stereotypes you accordingly.

How Do I See My Spotify Wrapped Story?

The annual Spotify Wrapped story, which highlights your listening trends through the year, will be visible on the home screen of the mobile, PC, or Mac app. It will appear near the top of the home screen and usually in the playlists section. Wrapped usually arrives in late November or early December and disappears after the New Year.

You can also view your Wrapped story, and the information it draws from, by visiting Spotify's Wrapped website.

Can I Still See My Spotify Wrapped From Previous Years?

It's not possible to view past versions of the Spotify Wrapped story released each year. This story disappears after the New Year and is not available after it's removed.

However, the Spotify Wrapped story is different from the playlist. The story is a video that highlights your favorite tracks and artists, while the playlist is a list of songs you can play in the Spotify app. Spotify delists the story, but past playlists remain available.

You can find past yearly playlists in your list of playlists. They are labeled Your Top Songs and include the year the playlist represents. You can also find these playlists by searching for Your Top Songs.

Users often create playlists labeled Spotify Wrapped or Your Top Songs to bring in people who mistake these playlists for the real thing. Many even use Spotify's official art. You can spot the fakes with a glance at the playlists' byline. These rogue playlists aren't harmful, but the songs they play are not based on your Spotify stats.

Your Spotify Wrapped story is not the same as the playlists it's built on. The playlists persist even after the story disappears. The story is gone forever, but you can always view Your Top Songs for a given year in your playlists library, and you view more recent favorites in your user profile.

  • How do I see artist stats on Spotify?

    If you want to see stats for specific artists, search for the artist and go to their profile. You can see play counts beside each song in the Popular section.

  • How do I cancel Spotify Premium?

    To cancel Spotify Premium, log in to Spotify in a web browser and go to Account > Change Plan > Cancel Premium > Yes. If you subscribed through iTunes, you must cancel your account from your iOS device or iTunes on a computer.

  • How do I delete my Spotify account?

    To close your Spotify account, go to and select Account > I want to close my account. Make sure you cancel your Spotify Premium subscription first if you have one.

  • How do I change my Spotify username?

    To change your Spotify display name, go to Settings in the app, tap your username, then tap Edit Profile. Alternatively, link your Spotify account to Facebook to display your Facebook name and photo.

  • How do I download songs on Spotify?

    This feature is only available for paid subscribers. Open a playlist or album on Spotify, then select the Download toggle switch. All of the songs will be saved to your device so that you can listen offline.

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