Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

Some things you can see, but others you can't

Facebook Stalking

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If you've ever wondered whether it's possible to see who's viewed your Facebook profile, the short answer is no, you can't.

This essentially means that there's no hidden option somewhere on your profile or any of your timeline posts that you can click on to display a list of all the friends who've looked at your profile. Of course, this also means that other Facebook users can't see if you've viewed their profile either.

Facebook takes user privacy very seriously, meaning that you have access to lots of different privacy settings to limit the visibility of your information. To protect the information you share on Facebook, make sure to take all the necessary steps you need to make your desired information private and then perform a test of your privacy settings by viewing your profile as another friend or user.

Can I Find Out Who Viewed My Profile? Facebook's Official Answer

Facebook has answered this question in an official Help Center post:

No, Facebook doesn't let people track who views their profile. Third-party apps also can't provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.

This official statement from Facebook should serve as an important warning if you stumble across any third-party Facebook apps, Chrome extensions or Android applications that claim to allow you to see who's viewed your profile.

Third-party apps are not affiliated with Facebook and aim to circumvent the platform's security and privacy settings. To use apps like these, you have to give them your Facebook login information. If you do, your account and any other accounts from other services linked to it (such as your PayPal account that you've used to make purchases through Facebook, for example) could be compromised.

What If I'm Already Using a Third-Party App That Claims to Let Me See Who Viewed My Profile?

If you've already connected a third-party app to your Facebook account that has claimed to allow you to see who's viewed your profile, you should disconnect it and change your Facebook password immediately to prevent your account from being compromised.

To disconnect an app on, select the down arrow in the top right corner followed by Settings from the dropdown menu and then Apps and Websites in the left vertical menu. Select the checkbox beside the app you want to disconnect and then select the blue Remove button.

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You can also block an app or a game that you've connected so it will no longer have access to your Facebook information or be able to send you anymore requests.

An app might have already have stored your Facebook information when you connected it, so it's important to change your Facebook password immediately after revoking access and removing it to prevent it from still gaining access to your account. You can change your Facebook password from the Security and Login section of your settings.

The Only Three Ways to See Who's Viewed Your Profile

There are really only a few very obvious ways to be absolutely certain that someone has viewed your profile (or seen one of your posts in their News Feed):

  1. Receiving an interaction from someone — such as a comment, a like or another reaction.
  2. Gaining access to someone's computer, looking at their web browser history and finding your Facebook profile URL in their browser history.
  3. Gaining access to someone's computer or mobile device, accessing their Facebook account (that's already logged into or the app) and finding your name listed in their Recent Searches when you select the search field.

What You Can See: Who's Viewed Your Facebook Stories

So you can't see who's viewed your profile, but you can see who's viewed any stories you post — and vice versa (friends can see that you've viewed their stories too).

Similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories are quick, casual clips that disappear automatically after 24 hours. When you post one and at least one person has viewed it, an eye icon will appear in the bottom left of your story.

You can tap the eye icon to see a list of people who've viewed your story. Friends who've viewed it will be listed first followed by the names of any Messenger connections you have if you've enabled them in your privacy settings.

If your story is public, you'll be able to see how many followers who've viewed it, but none of their names will be listed.

You can configure your story privacy settings so that your stories can be viewed by the public, friends and connections, friends only or a custom group of friends. You can also hide your stories from specific people.