How to See Reddit Search History

Check the search box, the History menu, and Recent Posts

What to Know

  • Select the search box to see your recent Reddit search history.
  • View browsing history in the app through Menu > History.
  • Find Reddit browsing history under Recent posts on the desktop site's home page.

This article shows how to find the various history lists in your Reddit account, including search history, browsing history, and other past posts you've engaged with. These directions work for both a browser on the desktop and in the mobile app.

Does Reddit Keep Search History?

Your search history is simply a list of keywords you used when searching Reddit. The list is stored on the website, the official app and probably your browser. Select the search box at the top of Reddit to view recent searches. search history

If you've been using Reddit's website, but you can't find your search history, look in your web browser's history. This is explained at the bottom of this page.

How Long Does Your History Stay on Reddit?

When you use Reddit's desktop website, search history and browsing history remain available until you manually delete it or until you log out of your account. It will not stick around if you log out, nor will it reappear in your account when you log back in.

Unlike the website, signing out does not flush the app's browsing and search history. So, if you enter a few search terms and visit some posts, and then log out of your account, they will show back up again the next time you log in through the app, and will remain until you manually delete them.

Whether you use the app or the website, post and comment history remain available to the public indefinitely. They are deleted only if you or a moderator delete them (but even then, it's technically just archived, so comments made by other users remain). Even closing your whole Reddit account won't clear out your data, but will instead disassociate it with you, replacing your username with [deleted].

How to View Your Browsing History on Reddit

Both the desktop version and mobile app store some amount of your history.

View Your History in the Website

The desktop version of Reddit shows the five posts you most recently engaged with. These are listed on the site's home page, under RECENT POSTS in the right sidebar. To see more than those five, you'll need to check your browser's history.

Reddit recent posts

View Your History in the Reddit Mobile App

To view your browsing history in the app, select the menu/profile icon at the top-right, and then choose History from the list of options. Make sure Recent is chosen from the top-left, so you see recently-viewed posts. Unlike the website, the app shows more than five posts.

Reddit browsing history in Android app

Where to Find Other Reddit History

There's much more than just search and browsing history available in your account. You can also see a record of all the following:

  • Posts you've made
  • Comments you've left
  • Posts and comments you've saved and hidden
  • Upvoted and downvoted posts
  • Awards you've received and given

Additional History on Reddit's Website

On, select your username at the top-right, and then Profile to access all those details. Just choose the appropriate tab to see its history.

Reddit upvote history

Additional History in the Reddit Mobile App

In the app, tap your profile image icon at the top-right. In that menu are three options that will lead you to all kinds of history lists.

  • Choose History, and then pick between Recent, Upvoted, Downvoted, and Hidden at the top left.
  • My profile is where your post and comment history are stored.
  • Things you've saved are stored in the Saved menu item.
Reddit history and saved posts in Android app

Your Browser Stores Reddit History, Too

Your search history, browsing history, and more are stored in the browser's history as well (depending on the browser, since not all of them store history).

For example, view your browser search history to look through your Reddit search history. Just search for this: search results
Chrome history showing reddit searches
Reddit searches listed in Chrome history.

Or, modify the search to find what else you've looked up on Reddit, such as posts or users:\r\\u\
  • How do I delete my Reddit search history?

    In the app, tap the search bar to pull up recent things you've looked for. Select the X to the right of each item to remove it. The Reddit website also option this option. You can also clear your browser data.

  • How do I erase my Reddit history?

    Clearing your Reddit history means removing all of your posts and comments. To do so on the website without deleting your entire profile, click your username in the upper-right corner, and then select Profile. Use the Posts and Comments tabs to see everything you've posted, and then click the three-dot menu and choose Delete. In the app, the directions are the same, but you'll tab your profile image in the upper-right instead of your username.

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