How to See Recently Played Songs on Spotify

Check out what you've been listening to lately

What to Know

  • You can view your recently played Spotify history in both the desktop and mobile apps. 
  • On mobile: Tap Home > clock icon > See all xx played to view your entire listening history for any specific day. 
  • On desktop: Tap the queue button > Recently played.

This article explains how to see your recently played songs on Spotify, with instructions for viewing your history on both mobile and desktop. We also include instructions for viewing your most recently played Spotify podcasts and Spotify playlists.

How Do I See My Listening Activity on Spotify?

Spotify keeps a history of your listening activity, and you can access it directly through the app on your phone or the desktop app. You can see your most recently played playlists and podcasts right on the home screen, or check your entire listening activity over the last several months by digging a little deeper.

How Do I View My Spotify History on My Phone?

You can view your most recent Spotify playlist and podcast history directly on your phone by scrolling down on the home screen. Your song listening history is elsewhere. It works the same on both iPhone and Android.

Here’s how to view your Spotify history on Android or iPhone:

  1. Open Spotify and tap Home.

  2. Tap the clock icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Touch the screen and drag up to view more of your history.

    Home > Clock > Recently played
  4. Tap See all xx played to see all the songs you listened to on a specific day.

  5. Touch the screen and drag up to see all the songs you listened to on that day or tap the back button to check a different day.

    See all played > date > scroll up

How Do I See My Spotify History On the Desktop App?

The Spotify desktop app also allows you to check your listening history. A shortlist of recent listening history is available on the home screen, and the expanded list is available in the queue section.

Here’s how to see your Spotify history on the desktop app:

  1. Click the queue button in the bottom right corner.

    The queue button in the bottom right of the Spotify desktop app.
  2. Select Recently played.

    Recently Played in the Spotify desktop app.
  3. Your listening history will appear in the window.

    Spotify listening history in the desktop app.

How to See Your Most Recent Playlists and Podcasts

Spotify makes it even easier to check an overview of your most recent playlists and podcasts. The home screen of both the mobile and desktop apps includes a recently played section with your most recent playlists and podcasts, and the desktop app allows you to access the complete list from there. This method is the best if you want to see playlists and podcasts but not individual songs.

The mobile app has a Recently Played section on the home screen, but it's limited. The desktop app allows you to see more of your history.

Here’s how to see your most recent playlists and podcasts on Spotify:

  1. Open the home screen of the Spotify app and scroll down.

    Scroll down from the Spotify home screen.
  2. Locate the Recently played section, and tap SEE ALL.

    SEE ALL in the Recently played section.
  3. All recently played playlists and podcasts appear on this page.

    Recently played playlists and podcasts in Spotify.
  • How do I see a Spotify friend's history?

    You can use Friend Activity to see what your friends are listening to on Spotify. Open Spotify on a computer and go to View > Friend Activity > friend's name > See All.

  • Can you edit Spotify history?

    You can remove songs from your Recently Played list using the desktop app. Select Recently Played, hover over a song you want to remove, click the three-dot icon, and choose Remove from Recently Played.

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