How to See Old Stories on Instagram

The stories archives section is where yours exist, but others may be expired

What to Know

  • First, go to your Profile > Menu > Archive > Stories archive. Tap the story you wish to view.
  • Then, tap Highlight to add it as a highlight. To share in your feed, tap More > Share as post.
  • The only way to view someone else's Instagram story after 24 hours is if they saved it as a highlight.

This article explains how to see old stories on Instagram. The instructions apply to the Instagram mobile app for iOS and Android.

How Can I See a Story on Instagram After 24 Hours?

You can view and share your old Instagram stories with the Archive and Highlights features.

  1. Tap your Profile icon.

  2. Tap Menu (the three lines).

  3. Tap Archive.

    Profile icon, Menu icon, and Archive in the Instagram app
  4. If you don't see your stories right away, tap Posts archive at the top, then tap Stories archive. Tap a story to view it.

    If you don't see the story you're looking for, the app may not be configured to archive your stories.

    Post Archive, Stories Archive, and selected story in the Instagram app
  5. If you wish to add your Instagram story as a highlight, tap Highlight, enter a short description, then tap Add.

    Highlights are like regular posts that stay pinned to the top of your profile page.

    Highlight and Add in the Instagram app
  6. To share the story in your feed, tap More > Share as post. You also have the option to save, delete, or send the story to a friend.

    More and Share as post in the Instagram app
  7. Alternatively, if you want to add multiple archived stories to your profile page as highlights, go to your profile and tap New (+) under the Discover People section. Choose the stories you wish to highlight and select Next, then enter a description and tap Done.

    New, Next, and Done in the Instagram app

Can You View Old Stories on Instagram?

By default, stories disappear from your feed and get saved to your Instagram archive after 24 hours. If your stories aren't automatically going to your archive, you might need to change your account settings. Unarchived and deleted stories cannot be recovered.

How Do I Archive Instagram Stories?

Follow these steps to make sure your Instagram stories get saved to your archive:

  1. Go to your profile and tap Menu (the three lines).

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap Privacy.

    Menu, Settings, and Privacy in Instagram app
  4. Tap Story.

  5. Turn on Save story to archive under Saving.

    Story and Save story to archive in the Instagram app

  • Can I view someone else's old Instagram stories?

    The only way to view someone else's Instagram story after 24 hours is if they saved it as a highlight. Go to the person's profile and look under Following and Message to scroll through their highlights. If the person has the story archived, you can ask them to share it with you.

  • How do I view Instagram stories anonymously?

    Instagram shows people which users have seen their stories. You can get around this by using a different account, turning on Airplane Mode before you open the story, or using a third-party app. If you use the last option, make sure you trust the service and never provide your login or other personal information.

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