How to See Multiple Views Side by Side in Gmail

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What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Multiple Inboxes > Customize. Choose a page size, panel positioning, and search terms for inboxes. Select Save Changes.
  • If multiple panels don't appear at the top of the inbox, go to Settings > Inbox > Categories and check only Primary. Select Save Changes.

If you switch between Gmail labels, the inbox, starred mail, your drafts, and, occasionally, the trash, you can keep track of labels or searches even if they've slipped to your Gmail inbox's second screen. It's not tabs exactly, but you can put additional collections next to your Gmail inbox below, above, or next to the standard view.

See Multiple Views, Labels and Searches Side by Side in Gmail

To place additional views (for drafts e.g., a label or search results) next to your Gmail inbox:

  1. Click the Settings gear in Gmail.

    The Settings gear in Gmail
  2. Scroll down to Inbox Type and choose Multiple Inboxes.

    Gmail quick settings menu with the Multiple Inboxes option highlighted
  3. Select Customize to manage how your multiple inboxes look. Maximum page size lets you put a limit on how many conversations the new pane will display. Extra panels positioning determines where the new windows will appear.

    Gmail inbox settings with maximum page size and inbox position options highlighted
  4. The Multiple Inbox sections area lets you set search terms for each pane you want. Valid search terms include "to:" to include all messages you've sent to a specific address, "is:" to pull specific labels you've created, and "from:" to sort out all messages you've received from a specific person. The Panel title will be a label at the top of the new windows.

    Gmail inbox settings with the multiple inbox sections area highlighted
  5. Click Save Changes when you're done. Depending on what you chose by Extra panels positioning, you'll see your new windows either below, above, or next to the inbox.

    "Right of the inbox" creates separate windows, and the other options arrange all of the headings in a single column with the panel titles you chose.

    Side by side windows in gmail
  6. You can return to the Settings menu to add or delete panels as you want.

If the Panels Don't Appear

The tabs at the top of your inbox may stop your extra panels from appearing. Here's how to fix the issue.

  1. Under the Settings menu, click Inbox.

    Gmail settings page with the Inbox tab highlighted
  2. Under the Categories heading, uncheck all of the boxes except for Primary to turn off the other tabs.

  3. Click Save Changes to return to your inbox. Your panels should appear now.

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