How to Show Headers in Yahoo Mail

Show the email header in a Yahoo Mail message

What to Know

  • Open the email, select the ellipses (...) and choose View Raw Message.
  • Read the header info whenever you want to verify the source of a suspicious email.

This article explains how to see the header information in a Yahoo mail message. The procedure is the same regardless of browser or platform and can provide valuable insight into an email's origins.

How to Find an Email Header in Yahoo Mail

The email headers in Yahoo Mail are normally hidden. To view them:

  1. Open Yahoo Mail and select the email that you want the header from.

  2. In the toolbar at the top of the message, select the ellipses (...) and choose View Raw Message.

    The "View Raw Message" command
  3. A new tab opens with the full message, including the header information and the body message.

What's Included in the Yahoo Mail Header?

Every email message, regardless of service provider, has a message header—a log that details the steps it has taken on the way to your inbox. The information starts from the top with the email address that the message was sent to. There are also details about when the email was sent, the IP address of the sending server, and when the recipient received the message.

The header information in Yahoo Mail messages is included in the full, raw message details.

Knowing the IP address of the server that the message was sent from is helpful if you suspect that the true identity of the sender has been spoofed or faked. You can search for the IP address with a service such as

For example, if your bank appears to have sent you an odd email and you want to investigate who really sent the message, read the IP address at the top of the header. If the IP address points to a server from a domain (for example, that's different from your bank's (for example,, then it's possible that the email address was spoofed, and the message didn't originate from your bank.

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