How to See Full Email Headers in

How to see more information in email headers in

What to Know

  • Open a message in Outlook. Select More Actions (the three-dot menu).
  • Choose View message source to reveal the header information at the top of the email.

This article explains how to see the full email headers in This information applies to and Outlook Online.

See Full Email Headers in

When you want to trace spam to its source and report the spam to the internet service provider, or when you need to to see mailing list commands hidden in header lines, view the full headers for the message. By default, shows only a few important headers, but you can make it display all header lines.

To access the full message headers in

  1. Open the message whose headers you want to examine.

    An email from website
  2. Select More actions (the 3 dots ... in the upper right).

    More actions is highlighted in email
  3. Select View message source.

    Viewing other actions in
  4. The header information will be at the top of the email. You'll see not only the header information but HTML formatting for the email as well.

    Viewing the full header info for an email in
  5. Select Close when you finish viewing the header information.

What Do Email Header Lines Look Like?

An email's header lines can look like the following highlighted example below:

Viewing an email header in
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