How to See Bcc Recipients of Your Emails in Mac OS X Mail

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When you send somebody a Bcc copy of a message in Mac OS X Mail, their name and address will not appear in the email, so other recipients do not see who else got the message. This is, after all, the point of Bcc.

But you, the sender, should still be able to identify all the people to whom you sent an email. If you look in your Sent folder in Mac OS X Mail, all you see are To: and Cc: recipients, however.

Is the Bcc: field lost for ever and for all? Fortunately, Mac OS X Mail does keep the information, and it is ready to reveal it, too, even comfortably.

See Bcc Recipients of Your Emails in Mac OS X Mail

To find out who you sent a Bcc: of a message from Mac OS X Mail:

  • Open the desired message.
  • Select View | Message | Long Headers from the menu.

In the now long list of headers, you should be able to find the Bcc: field and its contents.

If you peek at Bcc: headers more regularly, you can even add them to the standard assortment of header lines displayed. Usually, the only place you will ever see them is in messages you sent anyway. Mac OS X Mail will not display the header if no Bcc: recipients are present.

Make Bcc Recipients Always Visible

To always see Bcc: recipients in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Select Mail | Preferences... from the menu in Mail.
  • Go to the Viewing category.
  • From the Show header detail: drop-down menu, select Custom....
  • Click the + button.
  • Type "Bcc".
  • Click OK.
  • Close the Viewing window.