Security Company Arlo Made a New 'Button' to Alert Authorities When in Danger

It works with a dedicated app

Security firm Arlo has just unveiled a pair of tools to help keep you safe, including a standalone gadget that alerts authorities when pressed. 

The appropriately-named Arlo Safe Button alerts pre-selected security experts when pressed, along with sending location information to allow emergency responders to arrive at the scene quickly. The button works anytime, day or night, and the small form factor makes it easy to stuff inside a pocket, purse, or just about anywhere else. 

Arlo Safe Button


The button integrates with the just-launched Arlo Safe app, bringing even more security-focused features to the table. The app leverages your phone’s sensors to detect car crashes automatically, records audio and video to share details with law enforcement, and sends location data and medical information to the appropriate contacts in the event of a dangerous scenario.

The app also lets you get on the phone with a safety expert with just one click and they stay on the phone with you until the danger has passed, no matter what it is. You even get smart notifications alerting you when packages are delivered, cloud recordings of security incidents, and more. 

Arlo Bundle


The cute lil Arlo Safe Button costs $30 and is available through the company’s website or at major retailers like Best Buy. The Android and iOS app is free to download, but many of the advanced features require a monthly subscription of $5 for one person and $10 for families. You can get two buttons and a year of family coverage for $120.

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