Secret Santa Tech Gifts Under $10

Tech-inspired gift ideas to take the guesswork out of your Secret Santa shopping

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Secret Santa gifts are known for being more ho-hum than ho-ho-ho. What can someone really expect for ten bucks? Put down the socks!

This year, technology is going to be Secret Santa's little helper to find just the right gift to turn that "bah humbug" into an "oh wow"! We've got 15 fresh tech-inspired gift ideas to take the guesswork out of your Secret Santa shopping.

The best part? Each one is available within the traditional $10 spending limit!

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BlueLounge CableDrop Adhesive Cable Clips

BlueLounge CableDrops Adhesive Cable Clips
The Container Store

Give the gift of cord organization this season with cable clips to keep cables and cords from becoming a tangled mess.

These cable wranglers are also useful for keeping chargers and cords handy while preventing them from falling behind furniture or other heavy items.

Find this handy gift at The Container Store.

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Peanuts 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive by Emtec

Peanuts 8GB USB 2,0 Flash Drive

This one's for the Snoopy fan that's always on the go. This flash drive holds enough data for day-to-day use for a Secret Santa gift that's as functional as it is fun.

Snoopy, The Red Baron, is available at Fry's.

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Trond CG4E Quad USB Car Charger

Trond Quad USB Car Charger

With four USB slots to plug into, this car charger is ideal for people who juggle multiple devices and gadgets while on the go.

Available from Newegg.

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Portable Bubble Octopus Tripod for Smartphones and Cameras

Portable Bubble Octopus Tripod

This flexible, bendable, grippable tripod is the right tool to capture the shot. Twist it around limbs and branches for the perfect scenic selfie or use it to keep your photos stable and steady.

Snag this gift from Gearbest.

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Belkin WaveRest Series Gel Mousepad

Belkin WaveRest Series Gel Mousepad in Black
Office Depot

This mousepad with wrist rest provides gel-based comfort where needed most to relieve strain and stress on hands and carpel tunnel area. Ideal for those who spend most of their workday at the computer.

Office Depot is the place to find this Secret Santa gift.

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Belkin WaveRest Series Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard

Belkin WaveRest Series Gel Wrist Rest in Black

For the all-day desk-workers who don't mouse about, this gel wrist rest relieves pressure and stress while typing and using a trackpad.

Their wrists will thank you for grabbing this item at Walmart.

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Bravo Car Window/Dash Mount for Portable Devices

Bravo Car Window/Dash Mount

Cell phone mounts help drivers keep their hands on the wheel while following directions with a map application or receiving directions from a friend.

This hands-free helper is available at Fry's.

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PopSocket's fun and funky variety of cell phone stands have a design and a color that is a match for whichever name you pull out of the Secret Santa hat. PopSocket can also double as a cord keeper for headphones or charging cords.

Pick from a ton of styles and options at

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Energizer High Tech Keychain Light

Energizer High Tech Keychain Light

No more fumbling with a flashlight app on a cell phone in the dark. This keychain light is handy and helpful whether finding the right key to the front door or reading a menu in a restaurant.

This little light shines at Fry's.

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BoomBotix Mini Bluetooth Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

BoomBotix Mini Bluetooth Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

Music lovers will be thrilled to receive this jamming gift from their Secret Santa. A mini speaker with a big sound, the songs keep playing by the pool or by the sea.

See this great gift on

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Honeywell Surface-Mount Door Chime Push Button

Honeywell Surface-Mount Door Chime
Office Depot

A handy gift for the home, this door chime can be used wherever the doorbell can't be heard. A thoughtful gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the backyard or the basement.

You can score this bell-ringing present at Office Depot.