Seasonic Platinum SS-660XP2

An Amazingly Efficient Power Supply with Near Silent Operation

Seasonic SS-660XP2 Platinum Power Supply
Seasonic Platinum 660W PSU. ©Seasonic

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The Bottom Line

Dec 21 2015 - If you are in the market for an mid range power supply for a high end single graphics card desktop configuration, the Seasonic Platinum 660 offers some of the best efficiency and power regulation on the market. Combine this with near silent operation and modular cabling and it is practically perfect until you see the price tag.


  • Excellent Efficiency and Voltage Regulation
  • Near Silent Operation
  • Modular Cabling


  • Very Expensive
  • Hybrid Fan Mode is More of a Gimmick


  • ATX12V / EPS12V Compliant with 20/24-pin Primary and 4/8-pin 12V Power Connectors
  • 660 Watt Total Combined Output
  • Four PCI Express 8/6 Modular Power Connectors
  • Modular Power Cables with a Combined Ten SATA Connectors and Five 4-pin Molex Connectors
  • Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan
  • Hybrid Fan Control that Turns Fan Off Up to 30% Power Load
  • 80Plus Platinum Certification
  • Seven Year Warranty

Review - Seasonic SS-660XP2 Platinum Power Supply

Dec 21 2015 - Most people that build their own desktop systems are likely only going to use a single high end graphics cards. This means that the super high wattage power supplies are complete overkill for what they need. A good 500 to 700 watt power supply will generally provide them with more than enough power. If you are looking at this range, then the Seasonic Platinum 660 should definitely be one to consider.

Many power supplies on the market are actually designed and manufactured by other companies. Seasonic is one of the few that actually is a first tier company that designs and produces their own power supplies. This means users can generally feel confident about their products because they stand behind them.

In fact, Seasonic offers a full seven year warranty on the Platnium series that is one of the longest on the market.

Physically, the power supply is not that unique to look at compared to many others. It is a black powder coated steal case without any fancy colors or logos splashed over it. It does offer modular cables which can be extremely useful for those with a more compact case or few internal items to power as you can limit the number of cables used to help increase the airflow through the case for cooling.

The other feature is a hybrid mode switch. This lets the power supply either operate as normal with it's 120mm cooling fan operating at all times to help keep the unit cool or to run in a silent mode that turns the fan off under a 30% load to help facilitate it functioning as a silent power supply. In actual practice, the silent mode switch is almost not needed as the fan noise is so low that you typically will hear other devices such as hard drives and graphics cards inside of the system before you hear the power supply fan.

Seasonic has long been one of the best when it comes to the power regulation and the Platnium offers even better regulation than their past Gold X series models.

This is some of the best and cleanest power that your internal components can get. Add to this that the system gets the 80+ Platinum certification and it also offers some great efficiency that means you won't be wasting money on electricity from the wall.

So everyone that needs a power supply like this right? Sadly the price of the Platium 660 will deter a lot of buyers. With list priced of nearly $170 and street pricing of around $150, this is definitely a premium power supply when it comes to costs. There are plenty of functional and good power supplies in this price range for under $100. The reason that you should pay more though is for reliability and performance.

This is a power supply that will last for many years and potentially through multiple computer builds.

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