Seasonality Core: Tom's Mac Software Pick

Detailed Local Weather Data at Your Fingertips

Seasonality Core weather app
Screen shot courtesy of Coyote Moon, Inc.

Seasonality Core turns your Mac into a weather station that supports multiple reporting locations, 7-day forecasts, hourly forecasts, radar maps, graphs, and much more. If you like to keep track of the weather, and you're ready to move beyond simply knowing the current temp or the day's forecast, Seasonality Core from Gaucho Software may be just what you need.


  • Over 30,000 weather data reporting stations.
  • 7-day forecast.
  • Satellite, radar, and surface imagery mapping.
  • Graphing capabilities for just about any data you would like to plot.
  • 10 different graphing modes.
  • Available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


  • No menu extra for the Mac’s menu bar.
  • No mini version of the Seasonality Core weather display.

Seasonality Core is a full-fledged weather station that runs on a Mac without the need to invest in your own local weather station hardware. By making use of publicly available weather reporting stations around the world, Seasonality Core produces detailed local weather forecasts, maps, current conditions, even your own weather almanac, so you can compare weather events over time.

Installing Seasonality Core

Seasonality Core has no special installation needs; simply drag the app to your Applications folder, and then launch it. Equally important, should you decide that Seasonality Core isn't the weather app for you, uninstalling it is just as easy. Just quit the app and drag Seasonality Core to the trash.

Using Seasonality Core

Weather apps tend to have either complex user interfaces, or ones so simplified as to make them little better than checking your favorite search engine for the current local temperature. Seasonality Core, on the other hand, has found the sweet spot; it's able to produce complex graphs, continuous running real-time weather mapping, 7-day forecasts, and much more, all in a well-organized single-window app that's easy to read and use.

Starting on the left-hand side, Seasonality Core displays anywhere from seven reporting locations to a maximum number that seems to be limited only by the available screen space. On my 27-inch iMac, I had space for 32 reporting locations. I only need a few; three to be exact. I set up the first location as my hometown, the second as a spot on the Oregon coast, and the third, Apple’s hometown of Cupertino. Creating the reporting locations is as easy as filling in the city, state, zip code, or country you're interested in, and then selecting one of the recommended stations from the resulting list.

Once the reporting station is created, Seasonality Core will fetch the current weather conditions and display them within the app's interface.

Across the top of the app window, you'll find the current temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, cloud cover, dew point, humidity, and visibility; just below, you'll find the 7-day forecast.


The rest of the display is split into two views; the left side shows weather graphs for any data you've selected to collect (click on the graph window's gear icon to make your data selections). While you can select the data and graphs to display, you can’t change the order in which they appear. This may result in having to scroll past graphs you have little interest in to see the ones you do. The ability to reorder the graphs would be a nice addition in future versions.


The right-hand side of the window contains the real-time map. You can choose from satellite imagery, ground-based weather radar, and surface analysis (which displays the weather isobars, storm fronts, and high and low-pressure areas). The last item you can add to the map is particle flow, which displays current wind patterns on the map.

Once you have the map basics set up, you can zoom in, zoom out, and scroll about to gain insight into current weather conditions. The map runs in a short or long duration loop, but missing is information about the amount of time the map loop covers. It would be nice to see this information added in future updates.

Seasonality Core is one of the most impressive weather station apps for the Mac that I've seen in a long time. I like how easy it is to set up and use, the complex graphing it's capable of, and the detailed weather map that's available. The only general improvement I would like to see is a menu bar item that would display current conditions, and let me select a few additional items to be able to grab information on without the need to have a larger app running all the time on my desktop. And yes, I do realize the Dock icon for Seasonality Core displays the current temperature, but I would really prefer a menu bar item.

Seasonality Core is $24.99. A demo is available.

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