Methods to Search Email

Use a simple search and filters to find messages in

Search for emails in your Outlook Mail on the Web account in a fast and simple manner or thoroughly and with a bit of structure. Use the simple search field to find phrases, subjects, senders, and dates. Then, use filters to narrow your results. For advanced and precise searches, type search operators directly in the search field.​

Instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Search to Find Emails Fast and Precisely

To search for emails in Outlook Mail on the web:

  1. Go to the Search box. If you use Outlook keyboard shortcuts, press Alt+Q. inbox
  2. Type the words for which you want to search, and press Enter. Or, select from the autocomplete suggestions.

    Searching for an email using a keyword in
  3. Outlook Mail understands a few search operators:

    • From: — Search sender names and addresses in the From line.
    • To: — Search recipient names and addresses in the To line.
    • Subject: — Search subject lines and display emails that contain the specified words (the word order does not matter).
    • OR — Search messages with subjects that contain one word or another. For example, train OR bicycle finds messages that have "train" or "bicycle" in the subject.

    Outlook does search the Cc and Bcc fields.

    Searching for a specific email in
  4. To focus on a specific location, select Filters. Then, choose what location you want, if it has Attachments or specific dates.

    Advanced options for searching in
  5. Add additional search words using search operators, such as looking for a specific sender.

    Searching for a specific sender in
  6. When you see the search result you want, select the message to view it.