What Was CompletePlanet?

You could search the deep web with CompletePlanet

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CompletePlanet has been discontinued as an invisible web search tool. Keep reading to learn how it worked and why it was useful.

CompletePlanet was an invisible web portal powered by BrightPlanet, with fast service, relevant results, and an easy-to-use interface. The tool was able to search over 70,000 databases and specialty search engines, a pretty impressive number. Users found that their search results for a number of different queries were right on target with credible, reliable results (most worthy of a good footnote or two).

CompletePlanet was a great research tool for not only the casual web surfer who might be looking for some answers, but also for the serious researcher who needed reliable information that was backed up by a variety of credible sources.

How CompletePlanet Worked

The CompletePlanet home page was laid out very well and made the service user-friendly. There was a wide variety of topics from which to choose from, which made this a good place to start if you had a really good idea of where your particular search query was headed. 

For example, a simple search for clouds using the standard search bar might have returned 180 related databases. CompletePlanet results were a bit different than searching for the word in a less-focused search portal; instead of the search results page being full of links to a whole host of sites, CompletePlanet used its technology called Deep Query Manager to search databases. The results were made up of various invisible web databases.

A search for clouds using the topic database worked a bit differently. You were able to choose the topic Science to initially narrow down the search, with the option to explore Meteorology. CompletePlanet may have only returned one result for the initial search query of clouds. However, some users might have preferred narrowing down their topic from the start since the results were more targeted and relevant.

At the bottom of every search result, you could see little colored squares to indicate how relevant the result was to the original search query; the highest score being four — the more squares, the better. Next to that, you could see the size of that particular file and the date it was "harvested" (i.e., when CompletePlanet indexed that page).

CompletePlanet Advanced Search

CompletePlanet Advanced Search was standard; you could search by title, keyword, description, date, etc.

Another valuable search resource was CompletePlanet Search Help, a great introduction to what you were able to do with CompletePlanet.

CompletePlanet Alternatives

While CompletePlanet is, unfortunately, no longer available, there are a number of useful research sources that fill the gap left behind:

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