Find Free MP3s on the Google Play Music Store

Google Play Free Music: How to Download Songs for Free

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Most of the music found on Google Play is not free. Just taking a quick look through the collection will prove it. However, Google sometimes lets you download completely free music without a catch.

The free Google Play music promotion takes place once a week and is therefore called Free Song of the Week. However, it's not that easy to find on your own unless you have the special link described below.

How to Download the Free Song of the Week

There really aren't any complicated steps involved in finding the free music from Google:

  1. Open the Free Song of the Week page on Google Play Music.
  2. Click the Free button located on the right-hand side of the song.
  3. On the next screen, make sure that the track is indeed free and then click the Add to Library button.
  4. You should now see a congratulations screen. This gives you further options to close, share, or listen to the song.
  5. To check that the free song has been added to your music library, open the My music link in the left pane.

Tips and Things to Remember:

  • Before downloading free songs from Google Play Music, you can stream them for 90 seconds. To play a song straight from your computer or mobile device, just click on its title.
  • Downloading songs from the Google Play Music store, even if they're free, might require to have a payment option configured in your account settings. Don't worry though, you're not charged if it's free.
  • After you've added a song to your music library, you can immediately share it via Google+, Facebook, or Twitter by clicking the Share button.

Other Ways to Get Free Music Online

If you can't seem to get the free music on Google Play, you do have some other options. Sometimes it's as easy as searching the word "free" on a website to gather all their free music options into one list.

One example is to use Amazon to download free MP3s.

Also see this list of free and legal music downloading sites and these music sites for downloading songs, for some other similar options.

There are also several popular and 100% free music streaming apps and websites that you should look at for your free music needs. Most of those services offer premium accounts for more features but all of them are free for your basic music needs, including services like Spotify and Pandora.