How to Search Email in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

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The latest email from mom? That password from 1998? The trick Samantha from IT sent to make the network 327% faster?

AIM Mail and AOL Mail can find it. A few options let you narrow down search results (to certain senders or subjects, for example), too.

Search Email in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

To find mail in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:

  • Click in the mail search field right above the folder list.
    • The field will say Search Mail, Search Subject, Search From/To or Search Calendar.
  • Click the down arrow in front of the search field to change the scope of your search. Pick
    • Mail to search all your email (including subject, sender, recipients and message text)
    • Subject to search just your emails' subject lines and
    • To/From to search just senders' and recipients' names and addresses
    • (Calendar will not search for email; it will find calendar events instead)
    and click in the search field again.
  • Type the desired term, name or address.
  • Hit Enter.

You can act on the emails in AIM Mail and AOL Mail search results like you do with messages in any folder.