SeaCloud Review

Get 1 GB of Free Cloud Storage with SeaCloud

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The SeaCloud website is apparently no longer accepting new registrations. See this list of other free cloud storage options for an alternative to SeaCloud.

SeaCloud is a free online storage service that has plenty of very useful features for anyone interested in sharing their files online.

Although the storage capacity is much smaller than its competitors, it's a service worth mentioning simply for its long list of useful options.

SeaCloud Features

Instantly get 1 GB of free file storage when you sign up for SeaCloud.


  • Files and folders can be shared with anyone, even unregistered users
  • Supports password protection and automatic expiration for shared data
  • Shared media files can be streamed without being downloaded
  • Can upload multiple files and whole folders using an Internet browser
  • Data can be uploaded to SeaCloud from a desktop program
  • A mobile app supports video/photo uploads
  • You can favorite files to have easy access to them
  • Text files can be built and edited online
  • Custom links can be setup to let others upload files to your account
  • Deleted files can be retrieved for up to a month
  • Recipients can download every file from a shared folder in one click


  • Doesn't offer very much storage
  • Aren't any free ways to get more space

File Sharing with SeaCloud

SeaCloud has lots of options when it comes to sharing your files. You aren't limited to just sharing files either, you can also accept files from others by creating a folder that allows anonymous uploads.

Your SeaCloud files can be shared with ease with anyone, but you can also opt for sharing one or more files and folders with other SeaCloud members, though the setup is bit more advanced than with sharing with individuals.

Sharing works by first setting up Libraries that have folders and files inside them. While files and folders can be shared with any individual, a Library lets you share all your files at once, but it can only be shared with other SeaCloud members.

To make sharing with other members easy, you can create Groups, add people to them, and then share all your files with them. Once a Group has been made, you can easily pick any file, folder, or Library to share with a collection of members.

Sharing Your Data With Individuals:

You can share files and folders with anyone, even if they aren't fellow SeaCloud users. Security options let you set a password and/or a date of expiration for when the shared link becomes invalid, or you can opt out of both and have a folder anyone can access for any period of time.

Other people can stream your shared documents, videos, images, and music from a browser without having to download the files, whereas other types of files simply have a download link.

If you're sharing a folder, a recipient can download any specific file out of the folder as well as download all the files at once as a ZIP file.

Anonymous Upload Folders:

A separate share link is created for uploads and one for downloads, which means you can give out a certain link to someone for uploads and a different link for someone else to simply download files.

Just like for file/folder sharing, you also have the option to require a password for anonymous uploads.

If someone is given an upload share link only, and not a download link, they can't browse through your files. This means if you want to give someone both upload and download access, they need to be given both shared links.

A list of every file you're actively sharing is in the Links section of SeaCloud - both download links and upload links. From there, you can copy the URL to use for sharing, see how many visits each URL has received, and immediately quit sharing any of them.

SeaCloud Applications

SeaCloud's desktop program is called Seafile, and can be downloaded here. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Also available on that download page is a free mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

The desktop program works by automatically syncing the folders in your SeaCloud account with ones on your computer. This means any file you place in a particular sync folder on your computer will immediately begin uploading to your online account.

While this is great for uploading files to SeaCloud, and extremely easy to do so, it's completely useless if you wish to share your files because you can't copy the shared URL for your files without accessing the website through a browser. Dropbox is a similar service that does offer sharing through its desktop program.

One thing I do like about the desktop application is that you can limit the upload and download speed so you can control how much bandwidth Seafile uses.

The Seafile mobile app lets you upload images and video straight to your SeaCloud account as well as share files with others and manage your data, like rename and delete files.

My Thoughts on SeaCloud

I particularly like the Activities section of SeaCloud because it lets you see all the changes that you've made to your account. This can be useful if you've misplaced a file only to find out you've deleted it or moved it.

When someone else uploads a file to your account, it won't only show up under the Activities section but also the Notices section. In this circumstance, you'll also get an email notification to inform you that someone sent a file directly to your account, which is great for keeping tabs on your account when you're not logged in.

Some cloud storage services require you to wait a period of time as you watch an advertisement before you can download shared files. Fortunately, SeaCloud lets you start a download immediately after visiting the shared URL, which is great.

It's important to note that you SeaCloud account and all your files will be deleted if you don't login or have any file activity for 6 months.

Really, the only downfall I can find with SeaCloud is that the storage capacity for free accounts is much smaller than similar services.