What Is an SD2F File?

This is an audio file in the Sound Designer II format

What to Know

  • An SD2F file is a Sound Designer II audio file that opens with Pro Tools from Avid.
  • Other programs that support this format include QuickTime and Roxio Toast.
  • Those same programs can convert from SD2F to WAV or BIN/CUE.

This article explains what an SD2F file is, how to open one, and how to convert one to a different file format.

What Is an SD2F File?

A file with the SD2F file extension is an audio file in the Sound Designer II format. The format was created by Digidesign, now called Avid, and is used with their Pro Tools software.

SD2F files hold audio data and other information relevant in the Pro Tools application. It's also used for exchanging information between digital audio workstation (DAW) programs.

Corel's Roxio Toast software can archive an audio disc as a Roxio Jam Disc Image file, and it uses the same Sound Designer II format to do it. This type of SD2F file is a full backup copy of the disc.

Some Sound Designer audio files might use the SD2 file extension instead, most likely when used in the Windows version of the software. SD2 files, however, may also be Windows SAS 6.xx files.

SD2F files in Windows 10 that open with QuickTime Player

How to Open an SD2F File

SD2F files can be opened with Avid Pro Tools or for free with Apple's QuickTime. Mac users can also open SD2F files with Roxio Toast.

Any SD2F file you come across will most likely be a Sound Designer II audio file, but if not, you can try opening it with a free text editor to see the SD2F file as a text file. You can sometimes make out specific words within the file when it's opened this way, which you can use to help research the application that opens it.

The SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) software suite from SAS Institute may use SD2 files, too, but only with v6 of the Windows edition. Newer versions use the SAS7BDAT extension, and the Unix edition uses SSD01.

How to Convert an SD2F File

Avid Pro Tools can surely convert or export an SD2F file to a different format, but we haven't tested this. In most programs, that type of feature is in the File > Save As or Export menu.

It's unclear whether Pro Tools versions 10.4.6 and newer support the SD2F format, so it's possible that opening the file in a newer version of the software will automatically convert it to a different, newer file format.

Roxio Toast supports saving SD2F files as BIN/CUE files. You can then convert those BIN or CUE files to the more common ISO format.

Something else you can try is the free SdTwoWav tool to convert the SD2F files into WAV files, but you may have to rename them to have the .SD2 file extension since that's what the program recognizes.

If you're on a Mac, you can convert SD2F files to the AAC audio format with Finder. Right-click one or more SD2F files and choose Encode Selected Audio FilesTechJunkie has some more instructions on doing this.

Once you get your SD2F file to exist in a different format, it might be able to be used with a free file converter. For example, if you manage to convert SD2F to WAV, an audio file converter can convert that WAV file to a number of other sound formats.

Still Can't Open It?

Some files share a similar looking file extension and can easily be confused for an SD2F file. If you can't get your file to open using the programs mentioned above, double-check the file extension to make sure it ends with .SD2F.

SDF is one example where the suffix means the file is an SQL Server compact database. You can't open an SDF file with the programs mentioned on this page, and neither do SD2F files work with Microsoft SQL Server.

eD2k, which stands for the eDonkey2000 network, is another example where a similar abbreviation has nothing to do with SD2F files. So, too, are DS2 (Olympus DSS Pro Audio) and D2S (Diablo 2 Save) files.

If you find that your file isn't really in the Sound Designer II audio file format, or any of these other formats that use the .SD2F extension, take note of the suffix your file is using. Use that file extension as a way to search for more information on the format it's in, which should help you discover which programs can open or convert it.

  • When did Avid buy Digidesign?

    Avid acquired Digidesign in 1995. The Digidesign brand wasn't phased out until 2010, though, and its products are now all under the Avid product banner.

  • What is Avid Pro Tools?

    Pro Tools is professional-grade audio production software that lets people create and mix music. It offers a free version for students, musicians, and podcasters; a Pro version for professional musicians and engineers; and an Ultimate version for the most demanding musical production tasks.

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