Scribe 1.88 - Email Program

InScribe and its free version, i.Scribe, are true little email program gems. They're small, fast, efficient and very usable. Unfortunately, they lack secure messaging, and the IMAP support in Scribe is not perfect.


  • Scribe is small, fast and elegant
  • Offers flexible message templates, effective Bayesian spam filtering
  • Plug-ins are available to expand Scribe's functionality


  • Free i.Scribe lacks filters and supports only one email account
  • IMAP is not fully implemented in Scribe, and the message editor lacks power
  • Scribe doesn't support secure email by OpenPGP or S/MIME natively


  • Scribe (the full version called InScribe, the free version i.Scribe) are POP and IMAP email clients.
  • Scribe keeps all settings in its own directory and doesn't modify the Windows registry.
  • You can preview and delete mail directly at the POP server with Scribe.
  • A handy search bar and color-coding of messages help you find and organize mail in Scribe.
  • Using Bayesian filtering, Scribe routes junk mail to a special folder automatically.
  • Scribe includes a secure internal HTML rendering engine but can use Internet Explorer as well.
  • A simple calendar is included in Scribe, and you can share your appointments with others.
  • Plug-ins: spell checker, image libraries, LDAP and TLS/SSL support.
  • The commercial version, InScribe, adds flexible filters and support for multiple accounts.
  • Scribe supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP and Linux.


Always looking for little software gems? Here's one for you: Scribe, a small, fast and elegant email client. In spite of its simplicity, Scribe provides almost everything an email client needs.

Scribe's message editor and viewer are not very powerful, but usable and Scribe includes a secure (albeit limited) HTML viewer. Scribe comes with an address book, message templates and the useful ability to preview and delete mail directly at the server, too.​

i.Scribe — the free version — doesn't provide filtering or support for multiple accounts, but the commercial version, InScribe, does. The IMAP support needs to be improved in both, and Scribe currently doesn't offer any secure messaging (OpenPGP or S/MIME) plugins.

On the plus side for both is effective Bayesian spam filtering that routes junk mail to the "Spam" folder. You have to remember to make it learn from time to time, though.