How to Screen Share on Google Duo

Share your screen on video calls in just a few taps

What to know

  • In addition to video calling, you can also share screens (it's helpful when helping someone solve a problem on their device).
  • Select the Effects button, followed by the Screen Share icon. Then select Start Now on the prompt window.

This guide will teach you how to share your screen on Google Duo in just a few quick steps.

How to Screen Share on Google Duo

Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app that's designed to be the Android equivalent of FaceTime on Apple devices. Screen sharing is a useful feature in this regard, as it makes it more of a complete alternative. Here's how to use the Google Duo screen share function in just a few quick steps.

  1. Download and install the Google Duo app on your compatible Android smartphone or

  2. Open the app and accept the demands for access to your photos, camera, and

  3. Select a person from your contact list to call them. They will also need the Google
    Duo app. You'll be prompted to invite them if they don't have it.

    How to start up screen sharing in Google Duo.
  4. Once in the call, open the Effects screen by selecting the button in the bottom-right. It looks like three cartoonish stars.

  5. Select the Share Screen icon. It looks like a smartphone with an arrow on it. You'll be
    prompted by the app to confirm this is what you want to do, and warned that it could potentially share secretive or personal information, depending on what you do

  6. Select Start Now to begin sharing your screen, and then you're asked if you wan to share audio from videos or apps. Select Share audio or Don't share.

    Once you've begun sharing your screen, the person you're calling will initially see an image of your call screen—likely that person's face, or any effects they have covering it. If you then use your Android device's menu system to navigate away from that screen, you can show them whatever you want. That could be a video, local images on your device, another application entirely, or something you
    discovered through your web browser.

    How to start up screen sharing on Google Duo.

Does Google Duo Have Screen Share?

Yes it does. It wasn't a feature that was available on the application when it launched in 2016, but was since added in 2020. The feature can now be easily enabled through a few quick steps, making it easier than ever to share your screen with someone you're video calling.

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