How to Screen Record on iPhone 13

Capture video on what's happening on your phone

What to Know

  • Control Center > tap screen recording icon > wait for the recording to start > tap screen recording icon in Control Center when done.
  • To add the screen recording control to Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center > + next to Screen Recording.
  • Screen recordings save to the Videos album in the pre-installed Photos app.

Recording the activity on your screen is a great way to save critical moments from games you're playing, demonstrate actions on your iPhone, or debug software and websites. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to screen record on iPhone 13.

Does iPhone 13 Have Screen Recording?

All iPhones running iOS 14 and higher can screen record. Screen recording is a built-in feature for iOS, so you don't need to install third-party apps. That said, there's no standalone app for screen recording; as we'll see, it's an option in Control Center.

How Do I Screen Record on My iPhone 13?

To screen record on the iPhone 13, follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to add the Screen Recording button to Control Center. Do this by going to Settings > Control Center and tap the + next to Screen Recording.

  2. Next, go to the app or action you want to record and swipe to open Control Center.

    • To start the recording right away, tap the screen recording icon (it's a solid dot with a circle around it). (Skip to step 7.)
    • To enable the microphone, and to choose where to save the recording, tap and hold the screen recording icon.
    iPhone settings with Screen recording highlighted, and Control Panel with Play button highlighted and a tap-and-hold on the Play button
  3. If you tapped and held the screen recording icon, a new screen appears that lets you control settings for the recording.

    First, if more than one app on your iPhone lets you save the screen recording, choose the one you want to get the recording by tapping it.

    By default, the iPhone's microphone is off during screen recordings, but you can turn it on so you can speak during the recording. Tap the microphone icon to toggle it to on.

  4. Tap Start Recording. A timer counts down from 3. When the timer ends, the recording starts.

  5. When you want to stop the screen recording, open Control Center and tap the screen recording icon again. (If you've got the Screen Recording controls up like in step 5, tap Stop Recording, as shown here.)

    Screen recording on iPhone with Photos, Start Recording, Microphone, countdown, and Stop Recording highlighted
  6. By default, screen recording videos are saved in the Videos album in the pre-installed Photos app. If you chose a different app in step 5, look for your screen recording video there.

Why Can't I Screen Record on My iPhone 13?

If you run into problems screen recording on your iPhone 13, try these troubleshooting steps:

You can screen record most activities you do on your iPhone, but not all. Due to security and copyright issues, some actions, features, and apps will be blocked from screen recording. For instance, a streaming video app usually won't let you screen record since otherwise, you could record a copy of the movie or TV show you're watching. You also can't screen record sensitive data like adding your credit card number to Apple Pay.

  • No sound: If your videos don't have sound, make sure you follow step 5 above and toggle the microphone to on.
  • Can't record video during a game: If you're trying to record a gameplay video and it's not working, you may have a Screen Time setting preventing it. In that case, go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > in the Game Center section, Screen Recording > Allow.
  • Screen mirroring: The iPhone doesn't let you screen record and use screen mirroring simultaneously, so if you're trying that, you won't be able to save a video.
  • Restart iPhone: This simple step cures many temporary glitches, so if screen recording won't work and you can't figure out why restart your iPhone.
  • Update OS: In some cases, an update to the iOS may resolve problems with the screen recording feature, so update your OS if there's a new version available.
  • How do I record the screen on an iPhone 11?

    To record the screen on an iPhone 11, swipe to open the Control Center, tap the Video Record button, and wait for the three-second countdown to complete. Swipe up to leave the Control Center, perform the action you want to record, tap the red timer on the top left, and then tap Stop.

  • How long can you screen record on an iPhone?

    There's no defined limit for how long you can screen record on an iPhone. Your iPhone's storage availability is your only limitation. How much video you can record on your iPhone depends somewhat on the video format you're using.

  • How do I screen record FaceTime with sound on an iPhone?

    To screen record a FaceTime call with sound, place your FaceTime call, bring up the Control Center, and then press and hold the Video Record button. Tap the microphone to turn it on, and then tap Start Recording.

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