Scratch Your Itch for Twitch on the Switch

Watch your favorite streams in handheld or docked mode

If you own a Switch and like to watch Twitch streams, you're in luck because now you can do the latter on the former.

Nintendo and Twitch have just released the streaming app to the eShop, making all of the platform's livestreams and broadcasts viewable via the little console in either docked or handheld mode.

Twitch logo on the Nintendo Switch


The catch is (at least for now) that you can only use the app to watch streams and videos. You can't comment on livestreams, and you can't stream your own gameplay through the app.

However, it is another way for people to watch Twitch streams on their TV, and handheld mode provides a larger portable screen than a smartphone.

So far the reaction to Nintendo's announcement on Twitter has been a pretty even mix between excitement and ambivalence. Some users don't see much of a point to the app, while others are looking forward to watching their favorite streamers on their TV screens.

Twitch app running on the Nintendo Switch


Many also point out that the Switch is almost five years old and it still doesn't support Netflix.

The Twitch app is available as a free download on the Switch eShop right now and sports a 31MB file size (just in case you're worried about storage space).

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