The Best Science Twitter Accounts to Follow

These Twitter accounts may be more fun than a Higgs Boson

Sunlight ascending over Earth in outer space

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Ok, science nerds. Here is your chance to have some fun on Twitter, with people who might just get your need for information. These aren't the only good science Twitter accounts, but it should get you started. You'll get the occasional Copernicus jokes on these, but they don't revolve around them.

Neil deGrasse Tyson 

@neiltyson is perhaps one of the most well-known scientists on earth right now. Dr. Tyson is an astrophysicist, author, and recently the host of @COSMOSonTV, a space-time odyssey. We also understand he is even more popular in the Andromeda galaxy, but their appreciation of science is light years beyond ours. 


@IFLScience is the "lighter side of science" and often quite funny. While IFLScience does Tweet about important scientific topics, they also cover topics like musicians turning lemur calls into beatbox rhythms and time-lapse videos of hyenas feasting on a buffalo. 


You can't talk about the best science Twitter accounts without mentioning @NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has taken us to the moon and even beyond our own solar system with the Voyager spaceship. They also sent the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit, which offers some of the most beautiful and detailed images of the universe that we have. 

Curiosity Rover

As long as we are talking about NASA, it would be a shame to not mention @MarsCuriosity. Curiosity Rover explored Mars for 15 years before it finally died in February 2019. Mars is a long way away, so Curiosity didn't post on Twitter a lot. But there aren't many other places to get up-close images of our neighboring planet. 

Amy Mainzer

Scientist @AmyMainzer works with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA. In her Twitter photo, she is wearing a Star Trek uniform. That should tell you what you want to know about this science Twitter account. Tweets about meteorites, the universe, butterflies, and cactus adorn her feed. 

Jane Goodall Institute

Back on earth, the study of non-human primates is unquestionably led by Dr. Jane Goodall. The @JaneGoodallInst gives you the latest news on our closest human relatives. 

The American Museum of Natural History

From the outer reaches of space to the evolutionary history of birds, the @AMNH is one of the most diverse science Twitter accounts. Tweets include links to articles about deadly dragonflies, the most efficient locomotion methods, and pictures of trilobite fossils. 

Carolyn Porco

@carolynporco is a planetary scientist, Cassini imaging lead, and CICLOPS director. Her Tweets range from statistical information about poverty and the fight for equal rights for women to discussions of planetary phenomena. 

Scientific American

Whether you want to know about lying, chlamydia, MERS, or parrotfish poop, @sciam has you covered. Scientific American has been around since 1845, and while their Twitter account began in 2008, that long history gives them plenty of diverse topics to Tweet about. And with over one million followers there is no shortage of discussions to follow. 

Joanne Manaster

Like some of these others, the science Twitter account from @sciencegoddess covers a lot of ground. Dr. Manaster is a biologist at the University of Illinois' School of Integrative Biology. One of her goals on Twitter, and in her work, is to "support and encourage youth, particularly girls, to consider STEM careers." The fact that her account is @sciencegoddess should tell you what you need to know about both her passion for science and her wry sense of humor.

Gwen Pearson

She is a bug AND a feature, according to her Twitter account. @bug_gwen is an entomologist at the Purdue Bug Barn in "Low Earth Orbit, Indiana." Needless to say, this science Twitter account is buggy...Ok, sorry for the bad jokes. In all seriousness, though, Dr. Pearson touches on both fun topics like honey bees, and more serious topics like the lack of funding for science in the schools. 

There are many more science Twitter accounts. Some of very lighthearted and some are simply the facts. In any case, check out some of these and learn what's going in the world of science.

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