School Year Calendar Templates

Organizational school year printables for teachers and students

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Whether you're a teacher or student, you can get organized for the school year ahead with these special-purpose calendars. Print or download a free template from one or more of the sites listed below. If you click through to the site, you'll find that most of these sites update in advance of the new school year.

Useful School Templates

Bry-Back Manor School Calendar Templates

These blank calendars in a few basic formats can be personalized and used in any year.

Enchanted Learning Calendars

Choose from a variety of calendars aimed at kids for the classroom or home. School year calendars, a teacher planning calendar, and a scheduling calendar are offered too.

Microsoft Office Online Academic Calendars

In Publisher and Word formats, there are several styles of calendars for the current years. Most are monthly calendars, though a few are one-page year calendars and there are even a couple of photo calendar templates. 15-Month School Year Calendars

The 15-month school year calendar is in large and small sizes for the current school year plus earlier years. Other links on the page go to calendars of different kinds such as weekly and monthly planners.

The Calendar Next Free School Year Calendars

These Excel templates update automatically each calendar year. Formats include 14-month (July to August), landscape and portrait, and a yearly 12-month and 14-month calendar. The download includes the entire collection in several color schemes, and you can even customize the starting month with the perpetual calendar template.

The Calendar Nexus Free Academic Year Calendars

These full-year and 14-month monthly calendars come in landscape and portrait layouts and several different colors. There are templates for Excel and downloadable PDF printable calendars that come in Monday-first and Sunday-first formats, some with holidays. The style is more streamlined and sophisticated, with use by colleges and universities in mind.

The Calendar Nexus Free Class Schedule Template

Also available in the School Calendar collection download from The Calendar Nexus, these Excel files create a very basic class schedule template that is great for high school and college students. There are templates divided into 30-minute increments and 15-minute increments.