How to Schedule Uber in Advance

Pre-book a ride up to 30 days in advance

What To Know

  • Tap car-and-clock in Where to > set the time > Set Pickup Time > set a pickup and destination > review it > Done > Schedule... > Done.
  • To view, tap the three stacked line Menu > Your Trips > Upcoming.
  • To cancel, tap Cancel Ride on the Upcoming screen.

This article explains how to use the Scheduled Rides feature in the Uber app on both iOS and Android that lets you book a trip anywhere from five minutes to 30 days in advance. It also covers how to cancel your upcoming rides.

How to Schedule Uber in Advance

  1. Launch the Uber app.

  2. Tap the car-and-clock in the Where to box to schedule your pickup time.

    Screenshot of Uber app screen highlighting the car-and-clock icon in the Where to? box.
  3. The date will auto-populate for today with a pickup scheduled for five minutes from the current time. You can change these fields by scrolling up and down, adjusting them to your desired pickup date and time.

    Time and date settings in the Schedule a Ride tab within the Uber app.
  4. Tap Set Pickup Time to confirm.

    Uber will automatically give you a 15-minute pickup window for your ride. Be sure to account for the additional travel time when making plans.

  5. In the following tab, you'll see the time and date of your ride, Current Location, and Where to.

    Underneath you will see Work, Home, Saved Places, and recent destinations from your search history.

    If you plan to leave from your current position, you can simply tap your destination from the suggested list or type to initiate a search.

    The Location tab for Uber showing the time and date of a ride, current location, and suggested ride destinations.
  6. If you'll be traveling from a different address, tap Current Location and search for the correct pickup location. Tap the Where to field, then either search for your destination or choose from saved and suggested places.

  7. Your route will appear on a map along with your default ride type and estimated fare.

    Screenshot of the Uber app showing a route and ride option.
  8. You can swipe up on the ride details to see more information on the fare and vehicle capacity. To view other ride options, simply swipe right.

    Screenshot of the Uber app showing expanded details for a ride booking.

    You cannot pre-book UberPool rides.

  9. Tap Done or swipe down to accept the ride type.

  10. Tap Schedule... to confirm your booking.

    Screenshot from the Uber app highlighting the schedule ride button.
  11. You'll see an overview showing the details of your scheduled ride, including fare estimate.

    Uber app showing upcoming ride details.
  12. Your ride is booked! Tap Done to return to Uber's home screen.

How to View and Cancel Your Scheduled Uber Rides

Once a ride is booked you can check the details or cancel it ahead of time within the Uber app.

  1. To view details of your upcoming trips, tap Settings in the upper left corner of the screen — represented as three horizontal lines.

    Uber app with the settings menu highlighted.
  2. Tap Your Trips. This will open an overview of past journeys, upcoming rides, and Family Profile — connected accounts that share the same payment details.

    Uber settings menu with Your Trips highlighted.
  3. Tap Upcoming to see your booked trips.

    You'll see a list of scheduled rides along with the time, date, and destination. You can also see the type of ride you've booked and the fare estimate.

    From this page, you can also opt to cancel an upcoming ride.

    Screenshot showing upcoming rides in the Uber app.
  4. Tap Cancel Ride if wish to cancel your scheduled ride, or tap No if you don't want to cancel your scheduled ride.

    Screenshot of the Uber app showing the option to cancel a scheduled ride.
  5. If you choose to cancel an Uber, you'll be subject to Uber's standard cancellation policy. So if you've matched to a driver and they have accepted the trip you will likely pay a charge.

Ordinarily, you won't be matched with a driver until shortly before the scheduled time of your trip (usually a few minutes), so canceling ahead of that period shouldn't incur a fee. However, if you cancel within that time or during your scheduled 15-minute pickup window, you'll most likely be charged a penalty. Uber doesn't specify its cancellation fees, but they're usually around $5. If you cancel a trip and are charged a fee you believe is incorrect, you can challenge it via Uber's Review My Cancellation Fee process.

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