How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter Using TweetDeck

Plan your social media content for several days

What to Know

  • In a browser, go to TweetDeck and sign in with your Twitter account name and password.
  • Next, choose Get Started > select new Tweet icon > type your tweet > select Schedule Tweet.
  • Select a date and input a time, then choose Tweet at date/time.

This article explains how to schedule a Twitter tweet using the TweetDeck social media management application tool owned by Twitter.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter Using TweetDeck

If you won't be available to post an update at a specific time, or if you want to spread your updates over the course of the day, schedule your posts ahead of time to be sent out automatically whenever you want your tweets to be seen.

  1. Navigate to TweetDeck in a web browser and sign in using your Twitter account username and password.

    TweetDeck login screen

  2. Select Get Started to use TweetDeck and move on to the scheduling feature.

    TweetDeck organizes various parts of your Twitter experience into columns, so you can see everything at a glance.

    TweetDeck Welcome screen

  3. Select the New Tweet icon. It's located in the upper-left corner of the screen, marked by the blue plus sign and a feather icon. Clicking that opens the tweet composer.

    Compose button on TweetDeck
  4. Type your tweet into the input box provided.

    Each tweet must 280 characters or less. For longer tweets, readers are sent to a third-party application to read the rest of the tweet.

    New Tweet in TweetDeck
  5. Select Add images beneath the composer if you want to add an image.

    TweetDeck automatically shortens links using a URL shortener.

    Example tweet with image and link in TweetDeck
  6. Select Schedule Tweet located beneath the tweet composer. The button expands and shows a calendar with the time at the top.

    Schedule Tweet button
  7. Select the date you want the tweet to be tweeted out, using the arrows at the top to change the month if necessary. Click inside the hour and minute boxes to type the time you want, and then change the AM/PM button if you need it.

    Calendar to schedule tweet in TweetDeck
  8. When you have the correct time and date selected, select the Tweet at [date/time] button to schedule the tweet to be sent out automatically at this exact date and time. A check mark appears to confirm the scheduled tweet and the tweet composer closes.

  9. A column labeled Scheduled appears in the TweetDeck application for you to keep track of scheduled tweets.

    Your scheduled Tweet will send even if TweetDeck isn't running at the time.

If you change your mind and need to delete or edit a scheduled tweet, you can edit it and reschedule it or delete it completely. Navigate to the Scheduled column and then select Edit or Delete.

Choosing Edit reopens the tweet composer with that tweet. Clicking Delete asks you to confirm that you want to delete the tweet before it's permanently deleted.

If the scheduled tweet worked properly, you should be able to come back to your computer and see that the tweet was successfully posted on your Twitter profile while you were away.

You can schedule as many tweets as you want using multiple Twitter accounts with TweetDeck. This is a great solution for those who only have a few minutes a day to spend on Twitter.

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