How to Schedule an Email on iPhone

Tap and hold the Send button in Mail for scheduling options

What to Know

  • In the Mail app: In new email, tap and hold send button > Send Later > pick date and time > Done.
  • To change a scheduled send time, tap Mailboxes > Send Later > Edit > pick date and time > Done.
  • To cancel a scheduled send, tap Mailboxes > Send Later > Edit > Cancel Send Later.

This article explains how to schedule an email to be sent later. You'll need to be using iOS 16 or higher on your iPhone.

How to Schedule Emails on iPhone

To write an email now and schedule it to be sent later, follow these steps:

  1. In the pre-installed Mail app, tap the icon to create a new email.

  2. Address and write the email as you normally would.

  3. Tap and hold the send button. Release when the menu appears.

  4. To pick the suggested send time, tap it. To choose a different time, tap Send Later...

    Screenshots to schedule an email on iPhone
  5. Pick the date to send the email by tapping the calendar date.

  6. Pick the time by tapping the time and moving the scroll wheels.

  7. When you have the date and time you want, tap Done. The email is now scheduled to be sent at that time and you go back to your inbox.

    Setting the day and time to send a scheduled email on iPhone

While this article is specifically about scheduling an email on iPhone, the same steps work on an iPad running iPadOS 16 or higher.

How to Change or Cancel Scheduled Emails on iPhone

If you've scheduled an email on iPhone, you may need to change the day and time it will send or even cancel the send entirely. Here's how to find and edit scheduled emails:

  1. Tap Mailboxes to go to the full view of all mailboxes set up on your phone.

  2. Tap Send Later to see a list of all scheduled emails.

  3. Tap the email whose sending schedule you want to edit.

    Screenshots to change a scheduled email on iPhone

    If you'd rather delete the email, swipe right to left on it and tap Trash .

  4. In the schedule area, tap Edit.

  5. Pick a new day and time and tap Done.

  6. To cancel the scheduled send or to edit the text of the email, tap Cancel Send Later. This puts the message in your drafts, where you can edit or delete it, and then schedule it again when you're ready.

    Screenshots to pick a new day and time for a scheduled email on iPhone

Some third-party email apps for iPhone–such as Gmail and Spark, among others—also support scheduling emails. The exact steps in those apps are different, but the basic concepts are the same.

  • How do I schedule an email in Gmail?

    After composing your email, select the down arrow to the left of the Send button, then Schedule Send. Next, choose the date and time you want to schedule the email for. Note that Gmail will let you schedule a maximum of 100 emails at one time.

  • How do I schedule email in Outlook?

    When your email is ready, select the More options drop-down arrow under Tags, then under Delivery Options turn on the Do not deliver before checkbox. Set the date and time you want the email to send, then Close and select Send.

  • How do I set up a recurring email in Outlook?

    Open Email Options and select Recurring, then choose how often you want the email to be sent (daily, weekly, monthly). Select OK to save settings, enter a recipient, then select Create Recurring Email.

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