Scener Brings Remote Viewing Parties to HBO

Perfect for quarantined get togethers

Watching shows together, even when we're apart, can help us feel better.

HBO on MacBook Pro via Scener
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Remote viewing party Chrome extension, Scener, just added support for HBO Now and Go to let you watch Game of Thrones, Westworld, or any other HBO shows with friends all over the world.

What is Scener? Like Netflix Party, Scener allows you to set up a virtual movie theater and invite your friends to watch shows with you in real time, remotely. You set up a virtual theater, send your friends a code, and they can join you via their own Chrome browser. They'll also have to have an account for Netflix and now HBO, as well, to watch anything on either streaming service.

How it works: Scener is a Chrome extension; once installed, a little icon sits in your Chrome icon tray. You click the icon to start Scener, then you'll get a link or code to pass along to your buddies. Once they've installed the extension and login to the service you're using together, you'll all be able to watch the show and even chat via your webcam or computer microphone. Up to 20 people can watch at once, as long as they all have their own streaming service account, with the potential for more on the way.

Bottom line: While it would be fun to let people without an HBO or Netflix account watch along with us, just like we can in our homes, the worry of piracy is likely why Scener makes everyone sign in. Watching shows together can be a great way to feel like we're all less isolated as we hunker down and stay at home during this pandemic.

Via: The Verge

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