Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats for Xbox

Unlock clothing, vehicles, replay missions, weather and strategies

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Scarface: The World Is Yours is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Radical Entertainment and released in 2006 for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Windows PC. It's based on the 1983 Al Pacino film and envisions a story where Tony Montana survives and sets out for revenge on those who ousted him from power.

The original Xbox version of Scarface: The World Is Yours has cheat codes that let you replay missions, summon vehicles, change the weather, and more. There are also ways to make easy money so you can invest in businesses and unlock new upgrades. We show you how to do all of it below.

These cheats are for the Xbox version. There are also cheats for Scarface: The World Is Yours on PS2.

Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheat Codes for Xbox

Use the following cheat codes in any mission you've completed. To enter them, pause the game and select Cheats.

The game cannot be saved while cheat codes are active.

General Scarface Cheat Codes

Effect Cheat Code
Decrease Cop Heat FLYSTRT
Increase Cop Heat DONUT
Decrease Gang Heat  NOBALLS
Increase Gang Heat GOBALLS
Fill Balls Meter FPATCH
Max Ammo AMMO
Refill Health MEDIK
Unlock "The World Is Yours" Track TUNEME

Clothing Cheat Codes

Effect Cheat Code
Unlock Black Suit Tony BLACK
Unlock Blue Suit Tony BLUE
Unlock Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses BLUESH
Unlock Gray Suit Tony GRAY
Unlock Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses GRAYSH
Unlock Hawaii Shirt Tony HAWAII
Unlock Hawaii Shirt Tony With Sunglasses HAWAIIG
Unlock Tiger Striped Effect TIGSHRT
Unlock Tiger Striped Effect With Sunglasses TIGERSH
Unlock White Shirt Tony WHITE
Unlock White Shirt Tony With Sunglasses WHITESH
Unlock Tan Suit Tony SANDY
Unlock Tan Suit Tony With Sunglasses SANDYSH

Vehicle Cheat Codes

Effect Cheat Code
Summon Bodog Stampede BUMMER
Summon Bacinari 666999
Summon Bulldozer DOZER
Restore Your Current Vehicle TBURGLR

Mission Replay Cheat Codes

Mission Cheat Code
Babylon Club Redux S13
Deliver S12
Freedom Town Redux S07A
Nachos Contreras S09
Nachos Tanker S10
Oakley Drive-In DW_FRON
The Dock Boss A51
Un-Load S11

Weather Cheat Codes

Effect Cheat Code
Change the Time of Day MARTHA
Toggle Lightning SHAZAAM
Toggle Rain RAINY

Get Strong Weapons Early

While playing as the enforcer, call Tony's car and put your grenade launcher in the weapons trunk. When you switch back to Tony, the weapon is waiting for him. Use the same method with the assassin to get the PSG-1 early on.

Get Easy Money

Turn left out of your mansion's parking lot and visit the trailer parked by the brick wall. You can exchange balls for money here, so fill your ball meter using the cheat code FPATCH and cash in. Repeat as many times as you please.

Get Easy Ammunition

Go to Sandman Island and start a boat mission. Every time you destroy an enemy boat, you get two crates full of cash and ammunition. There are no time limits in boat missions, so this is a great way to stock up.

Montana Investments

Investing money in businesses builds your reputation and grants other bonuses. Below is a list of investments and the upgrades they unlock. Each investment costs millions of dollars, so exploit the money trick above to get the cash you need.

Investment Reward
Montana Records Unlocks new music tracks and playlist creation.
Montana Holdings Lowers the cost of Fronts by 10%.
Montana Fitness All henchmen get a 50% health boost.
Montana Defense Unlocks maximum ammunition and the ability to carry an extra weapon.
Montana Productions Unlocks all of Tony's outfits.
Montana Legal Cops are twice as likely to look the other way.
Montana Sports Raises maximum bets for gambling.
Montana Financial Launder money with 0% interest.